10 Benefits of Vanilla Leaves For Health

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Maybe many of you who often hear the name of this one plant. Yes, vanilla leaf is one of the gardens that comes from a plant with the same name, the vanilla plant. Vanilla plant is one type of vines, which is easy to grow, almost in all climates. In ancient times, vanilla plants themselves have been found by Indians who inhabit the Mexican region, where they found this vanilla plant in an area called paili or also often known by the name perneli.

Characteristics of Vanilla Plant

The benefits of vanilla leaves Vanilla plant itself has a small stem, because the structure of the vines that propagate, so it only has a small stem, which is only about the size of our fingers. Vanilla leaf has a green color and bright, has a length of about 15 cm with a leaf shape yan has a pointed tip. Vanilla plants also have flowers, which are about 4 – 8 cm long and have a delicious fragrance

Vanilla itself is often used for various purposes, especially for human needs. Scientific classification of vanilla leaves:

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Orchidales
Family: Orchidaceae
Genus: Vanilla
Species: V. planifolia

To know more about the benefits of vanilla leaves and, here are some benefits of vanilla leaves:

1. As a mixture on cakes and groceries

The benefits of the first vanilla leaves are made into vanilla extract and can also be stewed into the ingredients of cookies and ingredients. The function of addition of this vanilla leaf for cooking and baking cake is as a flavor enhancer and flavor enhancer. In addition, vanilla leaf usually can also be mixed with drinks, such as chocolate, tea and other beverages, which no other function is to strengthen and enrich the taste of the drink.

2. As a room deodorizer, and perfume on the groceries

Vanilla leaf is one type of foliage that has a distinctive scent. Together with the flowers and also the seeds of vanilla, vanilla leaves are usually processed and extracted specifically to serve as the main ingredient of perfume room or car perfume. Usually, some famous perfume pabriik also add the scent of vanilla leaves to its perfume product, which creates a distinctive and very attractive fragrance to anyone who kisses it.

3. As an aromatherapy

Besides being used as perfume, the scent of vanilla leaves is also often used for aromatherapy. There are so many types of aromatherapy, in the form of spray or spray and also aromatherapy candles that utilize vanilla leaves to extract the fragrance as one of aromatherapy.

4. Anti-inflammatory

For health, when processed and self-consumed vanilla leaves have health benefits. The first health benefits of vanilla leaves is as one of the ingredients that can prevent inflammation, or often known as anti-inflammatory. By consuming a mixture of this vanilla leaf, your body may be spared from other types of inflammation, such as sore throat, colitis, gastritis, and other types of inflammation that may attack our body.

5. As a natural antioxidant

The benefits of vanilla leaves also have a very important role as one of the natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that can help ward off free radicals, and provide very good benefits to our body. With this natural antioxidant, then our body is protected from various diseases. One of them is cancer, and can prevent the emergence of signs of aging, such as declining cultural elasticity, rough and dull skin and other health benefits.

Top 1 source of antioxidants:

6. Can relieve stress and depression

By using the leaves of vanilla as one of the ingredients of aromatherapy, the effects and benefits are easily felt quickly is the effect of relaxation. In addition, by drinking the mixture mixed with vanilla leaves, the effects of relaxation will be more pronounced.

The relaxation effect caused by vanilla leaves is excellent for helping to relieve symptoms of stress, depression and also depressed symptoms in individuals. With the condition of the body become more relaxed, the condition of the nerves become more calm and relaxed, and can prevent the emergence kemabli stress and depression.

7. Reduce nausea, especially for pregnant women

The benefits of vanilla leaves are also good for pregnant women. When processed simultaneously with vanilla seeds, the leaves of vanilla can help to reduce the nausea, especially the nausea felt by pregnant women.

Usually nausea is often experienced by pregnant women is one of the symptoms that we are familiar with the term morning sickness.a

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