Are you ready for Halloween celebrations? Or maybe you have been caught unprepared by an invitation, and you have not yet chosen your disguise? Among the ideas that we propose for Halloween Kostum Badut, you will find some quick to implement, you can create with some of the clothes that you probably already have in the closet.

Here are some Halloween costumes do-it-yourself and low cost at which you can get inspiration.

1) Brain

brain costumes
A brain-shaped hat that allows you to their masks in a moment on the occasion of Halloween. The scheme to achieve the hat was created by Alana Noritake and is available on Ravelry, a dedicated platform to work knitting enthusiasts.

2) Ninja Turtles
ninja turtles costumes
This costume do-it-yourself Tra Forma RSI in the Ninja Turtles characters has been realized in a very simple from trays to be painted green to the shell and strips of colored cloth to create bands that distinguish Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raffaello.

3) Wednesday Adams
wednesday adams
This costume is very simple to implement. You only need to retrieve an old black dress, maybe grandma’s closet or the attic. Even better would be able to find a very vintage-looking velvet robe. Complete the look by Wednesday Addams with two plaits and with a trick that makes you look very pale. Hair loses instead if you want to play as Morticia.

4) Magritte
Here is an imitation of one of the most famous works of Magritte. This is the protagonist of the painting “The Son of Man”. You just need to have a dark suit and elegant men, a red tie, a bowler and the image of an apple hanging from the hat with a brooch.

5) Men In Black

men in black
Masquerade as secret agents has never been so simple. Imitate Men In Black. The rules apply to all the friends that you will involve in this disguise. the elegant black suit, white shirt, black tie and, above all, sunglasses with dark lenses. You will be unmistakable and if you already have in your home you need not spend anything and you’ll be ready in a few minutes for the Halloween party.

6) Bat

bat costumes
A bat costume is very simple to implement. Just wear black and cut the wings from an old umbrella, always black or another dark color. You will have to attach the wings to the lower arms and your torso. You can then create the bat ears fixing of cardboard painted black triangles on an Alice band.

7) Spiderweb

spider web
A cloak similar to a spider web, suitable for a quick costume for Halloween, for both adults and for children. Simply complete the look with the dark clothes and a hat boy wizard. Here the tutorial.

8) Skeleton

skeleton costumes
Here’s how to make a skeleton costume for Halloween as an adult or as a child. And sufficient low as a sweatshirt and a pair of black trousers. Then you can paint the bones of the skeleton with the stencil technique, or creating paper decorations or fabric glue or sewing. Here the tutorial.

9) Nurse Ebola

nurse ebola costume
As happens during Carnival, even on Halloween we tend to exercise ironically the dramas of life, fear of death, up to diseases and epidemics. Here then they are raging abroad Halloween costumes to dress up as a nurse, more or less sexy, with reference Ebola. Will they work to inspire a bit ‘of terror?

10) Phantom

phantom costumes
It ‘the easiest costume ever realizes. In view of Halloween remember to retrieve an old towel or white cloth. You will not have to give anything but drill holes for the eyes and complement the decor of your Halloween ghost with a black marker. Then only will the classic lantern pumpkin-shaped.

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