12 Benefits of Sunflower For Beauty Skin and Hair Protected

Snacks generally contain a lot of fat, making it vulnerable to the risk of acne. Worse yet, other than the usual high-calorie snacks are also loaded with cholesterol. This is the reason make me fat snacking habits and damage the skin beauty. Did you know that there is a snack that is actually good for healthy skin and hair. Is that? One of them is sunflower seeds. In previous articles, we have discussed about the benefits of sunflower seeds for health and medicine . Well, this time we’ll peel benefits for beauty sunflowers.



The sunflower oil can prevent signs of premature aging, so it is good for skin care. Each 100 grams of watermelon seeds provide 35.17 grams of vitamin E, which is a very high level. Folic acid content which is abundant in sunflower seeds, needed for the regeneration of body cells. 12 Benefits of Sunflower For Beauty Skin and Hair Watermelon seeds have a number of beauty benefits, related to some important nutrients contained therein. Snacks are very suitable to be consumed by women who want to get healthy and beautiful skin. Here are the benefits of pumpkin seeds for skin and hair:

1. prevent wrinkles Natural antioxidants contained in sunflower oil can act as an anti-aging. With regular use, skin will make you seem much younger and fresher.

2. Moisturize skin Sunflower oil can act as an emollient for your skin. The use of this natural oil on a regular basis, can eliminate dry skin. Not only that, the problem of irritation and inflammation of the skin can be treated with this oil.

3. As sunscreen Sunflower oil contains vitamin E is abundant, which helps to protect cells sensitive skin from damage by UV rays. This oil is also rich in beta-carotene that play a role in fighting free radicals cause damage to the skin and prevent skin cancer and sunburn.

4. Eliminate Acne Heaps of oil and sebum in the follicles under the skin will cause acne, if infected by the bacteria. Acne is a common problem for teenagers. Now, to overcome this skin disorder, use of sunflower oil. Essential fatty acids and a number of important vitamins in it is able to form a layer that protects the skin from bacteria. To eliminate acne , simply by applying these oils on your skin directly.

5. Reducing black spots on the face Sunflower seed extract is also useful to camouflage and black spots on the skin. Apply this natural oil on your face every night, to get the benefits.

6. Smooth the skin Vitamin E in kuaci role to replace dead skin cells with young cells. Thus maintaining the elasticity of the skin and make it smoother.

7. Nourish hair Approximately 5.25 mg of iron contained in 100 grams of sunflower seeds. This essential mineral is needed for healthy hair growth.

8. Lose weight Kuaci very suitable to be consumed by dieters to lose weight . Folate in sunflower seeds can boost the body’s metabolism, which in turn increases the burning of calories. Sunflower extract more benefits for beauty

9. Disguise acne scars.

10. Eliminating the former finery.

11. Diminish dark circles in the eyes (eye panda).

12. Treat tired eyes. How to Use sunflower oil Choose one cleaning product, or cream with the main material is sunflower oil. For cleaning, sunflower oil can be combined with castor oil, to help regenerate skin cells and restore elasticity. Avoid application of this oil on dry skin directly. So, wet or make your skin becomes moist before applying it, so that the oil can seep into the tissue under the skin. Well, that’s 12 sunflower oil benefits for hair and skin beauty. You can plant these flowers in the garden or in the yard. Besides adding beauty atmosphere, many benefits can be obtained from this plant. Do you think to start planting in the garden?

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