40 Travel Destinations Hits in Malang Part 2

8. Reservoir Selorejo

Located in Dsa. Pandansari Village. Ngantang district. Malang. The scenery here is so peaceful. Suitable for anyone who wants to qualty time with their families.

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9. Parks Slamet


Slamet park located in Jln. Slamet, Malang. Since this paket wisata malang 2 hari 1 malam park in the renovation, many visitors came: just for selfie or spend the day.

10. Parks Fireflies

Garden which has a length of 850 meters is in the neighborhood of Jakarta -Malang. The unique shape nan ciamik make this park very instagramable

11. Flower Garden Teremopet

Trumpet park is one of the parks in Malang fairly often appear between rows of cool pictures on instagram. No wonder if this park hits among young people.

12. Parks Merjosari

The park is located at Dsa. Merjosari, district. Lowokwaru, Kab. Poor. Parks Merjosari so green, there are a number of gazebo also inside. Although not as popular as the town square park and garden plaza monument, but the place is suitable also for you who Selfi photos or photography hobby.

In addition to the parks mentioned above, there are also other parks, namely: Mixed Fruit Garden, Garden Ijen Boulevard, Merbabu Park, Garden Mojolangu, TRUNOJOYO Intelligent Garden City Recreation and Parks.

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13. Coban Kedung

Coban Kedung has a height of 20 meters, is located in Dsa. Bantur, district. Bantur, Malang. Underneath, there is kedung named Kedung Bro. Here, too, there are several small waterfalls and rocks. To reach the site, you will be taken through the valley and river basin Ninja Hatori.

Oh yes, not far from the location, precisely at Dsa. Srigonco, district. Batur, Malang No new spot called Kedung Darmo ( Back to Nature in New Spot Malang: Kedung Darmo Batur )

14. Central Coban

Coban which has a height of 50 meters is located in Dsa. Pandesari, district. Pujon, Kab. Poor. Central Coban Coban named because it is in the midst of Coban Coban Rondo and Manten. Suguhkan scenery is so beautiful and lush. It lies on the slopes of the mountain, making this Coban nan refreshing cool air.

15. Coban Gedangan / Coban mBok Karimah

Waterfall located at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level is located at Dsa. Gedangan (near the market Gedangan). Had 2 level waterfall. The water is clear, crisp and still very natural. The waterfall is a barrier between the District and the District Sumbermanjing Gedangan wetan is located just below the bridge. ( There Coban Nameless in Malang. What name Pas To Coban Sekece this? )

16. Coban Gintung

Located 75 m from downtown Malang, precisely in Dsa. Sdorenggo, district. Ampelgading, Kab. Poor. Coban other like-Coban, Coban Gintung also discount incredible charm beautiful. Right near the waterfall there is also a viewing post.

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