Slovenly and dirty is a fitting expression describing the condition of public toilets in Indonesia. Even the public toilets in India is more severe and more powerful level of squalor L . Almost all public toilets in the world to contain an element of discomfort. Even in developed countries. The story of the yellow-patterned tissue along with fragrance, Ma often hear from friends.

Without a schedule and time, the owner of the disposal of the body’s metabolism often come suddenly. If the home does not papa. Staying seated and straining J . But when traveling ? We are certainly faced with a public toilet. Not to mention that we have to locate the toilet. Up in the toilet, Laa why ndelalah queue. Once queued, enter them greeted the scent of urine and treat nausea really.


Want to be arrested? forgiveness dah! show the sedot wc bekasi way definitely uncomfortable. You could be subject to urinary tract infections and issued a sizable fee. So rather than illness, you just follow a few tips mending safe and convenient to use public toilets

  1. Masks

Besides functioning to block dust of the road. Masks also serves to hold the odor in the restrooms.Bring a mask worn thin like a doctor.

  1. Perfume e Size Mini

To avoid odor in the toilet  and cause  vomiting. In addition to masks , bring perfume orperfume e with a small size. If you like to bring wind oil or eucalyptus oil during the trip, take advantage. Spray  perfume e into the toilet before you enter or apply a little at the end of the mask.

This mini perfume also you can use to dress. Usually, if we take the road, sweat streaming down and make clothes always bad. Rather than make you groggy travel companion even fainting J .Apply or spray a little to suit. Do not be too many, sometimes there are people who do not like the smell of perfume e .

  1. Bottled Mineral Water

If you’re the road, certainly dong always carry mineral water for drinking. Well, the bottle should not be discarded. Refill with water at the hotel before starting the journey. Or find garden usually has a water faucet for watering the garden. Be sure the water is clean. Size bottles are mediocre, though not too heavy backpack.

This water serves to wipe for you who are not familiar with using tissue. Or use it to flush the toilet before you use. Usually a public toilet is minimal water or the water is not flowing properly. If there is water in the toilet, flush the toilet first daluhu, you just use.

  1. Tissue dan hand sanitiser

Bring dry tissue, wet tissue and specialized tissue for genital . After the  wipe , dry with a dry tissue.Let me not moist and cause vaginal discharge. Moreover, we do not know how the quality of the water we use, it helps you dry.

After that, wipe your hands with a wet tissue. Or use  handsanitizer . Buy tissue the size of  a compact specifically for  traveling . Tissue size of the  compact  is easily you find in the supermarket.  And also handsanitizer mini size. Both also can let you use before eating clean and hygine . Your stomach does not want the mules of time traveling ? In this blog you can also find tips to avoid diarrhea when traveling J .

This tissue could be used to clean the toilet with design seating (not squat, the western-style toilet).Lap lap the edges. Ma also resurface sections of the seat with a tissue before sitting down.

  1. Sunglasses

What narcissistic want to pee? Wait J . You know how the ‘sights’ public toilet. To be ‘blinded’ it does not interfere with the body’s natural discharge activity, use glasses. No loo, people who can not urinate or  scenery toilets were dirty, as J . Instead of going out even vomit vomit. Do not use immediately when entering the bathroom. Myspace dark, even your legs fall into the toilet. Tides before you want to square square J .

Anyway if you are traveling definitely take the sunglasses? Both made facing the sun stinging or look stylish.

Not too complicated, right? In fact, you can use these tips when we to the mountains or nature that only provide “natural toilet”. Do not forget to bring back garbage.

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