6 Tips to Take Care Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the vital necessity in a home to meet the family’s needs. The bathrooms were clean is a good start for the health of your family. Keeping the bathroom is always clean can be done every day by the whole family, or through the weekly agenda.

The following will be delivered six tips on caring for sedot wc jakarta timur the bathroom in your home with ease.Remember, a dirty bathroom will impact on your family’s health.

6 Tips to Take Care Bathroom

1. Rub with carbolic

For daily maintenance, scrub the walls and floor of your bathroom using a toilet brush and carbolic fragrance. cleaning every day will prevent mildew and stubborn dirt. Accumulated dirt or moss is more difficult to clean than if you rub each day.

2. Use Liquid Cleaner Moderation

Untk cleaning the bathroom, try using a cleaning fluid floor and walls of the bathroom to taste.Why? Because if you use too much cleaning fluid Amaka baktei spoilage will result in the drainage will die, so it can hinder the process of decomposition of manure. As a result, the channel will be blocked because of the dirt pile.

3. Cleaning the Tub

The tub can be cleaned a minimum of once a week. For stubborn stains, use hot water to dissolve the dirt. Pour hot water into the tub and let stand for a moment. Then rub the dirty parts.However, you must pay attention to the fabric of this bathtub. For another way is by pouring cleaning fluid and rub until clean.

4. Cleaning Toilet

Pour the cleaning fluid, let stand for 15 minutes then brush with a toilet brush. Give perfuming the air in the toilet toilet in order to stay fresh.

5. eliminate odor

Use coffee grounds and ARAG to emnghilangkan odor in the bathroom. The trick is, take a black coffee grounds, kemdian panas.Tambahkan water mixed with a little salt and pour into the hole around the toilet and shower. In an instant, your bathroom will be free of odor.

To eliminate the odor in the bathroom, put a few pieces of charcoal in the corners of the bathroom. Charcoal serves as peyerap odor.

6. Overcome Toilet Compressed

Toilet incompressible making the bathroom uncomfortable to use. How to overcome it out is to use salt. Dissolve one kilogram of salt in a bucket of water, then pour into the toilet. Do not use for at least 5 hours. Then rinse with water with a strong beat until clean.

Similarly, how to care for the bathroom to keep them clean. Do not be lazy to clean up, yes. Good luck!

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