A single Male’s reality As To A courting between women and men

A single Male’s reality As To A courting between women and men. Men and women hook up for various reasons including business, sexuality and social. Most if not all end up in a not so good sequel that leads to a fast goodbye and good riddance with no looking back. Hopefully no children are concerned but in most of these cases children are concerned. Some beings will stay in a relationship that became stale because they are doing OK .

As a single male that found out early if a relationship isn’t is built around ended “Chemistry” between male and female involved in the relationship troubles happen that require resolving in the way of one or both getting trained and growing into actuality over their narcissisms. If both are willing to accept actuality as it’s found out by both through experiment then no resolving is required as both find out themselves what’s real and fall into the boundaries of what’s real .
A single Male's reality As To A courting between women and men
Sure, men and women are attracted to each other physically but that’s not a reason to enter into a relationship. I like the status of women that wears pink but do I expect the status of women I have high hopes about having a relationship with to wear pink?” Perfectly NOT “. She can wear whatever she decides to wear. The male or girl in a relationship with one another are not one another keeper. Hopefully she won’t beat my eyeballs up with hues that clash like drab olive green and orange but if she does I is simply questioned her why she doesn’t put one over her off-color shoes .

Entering into a relationship based on anything but chemistry is lunatic. If you don’t accept her as she is then don’t make love. If she’s married to her profession for example over any affinity then you had better accept that fact and make it be because her profession utters her joyful and the agreement of that fact improves a natural chemistry in a marry .

For richer or poorer male and female just knowing that one another are like before entrust and basing a relationship between the male and female on anything but ultimate chemistry isn’t a natural affinity. If one or the other has any problem with one or another financial situation, sexual beliefs, any beliefs or social being then the relationship should not be entered into .

I as a single male do not want to be tortured everyday by beliefs I can’t lives up to and believe you me I can’t lives up to any beliefs right now. I do have one hope I would impose on the status of women I had high hopes for and that hope would be for her to be happy with me. I do not care to be in a relationship where I do not experience her or what she is all about and/ or if she wasn’t joyful with me .

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