A Small Stone


In a mountainous area, a figure youth are preparing food for the trip to another village. The village was quite far away, should run through the forests and caves. The young man was only able to bring food for a single trip.

When the young man embarked on a journey, he met an old beggar with full clothes torn and shabby. Because the young man only had enough supplies, he pretended not to see the old pegemis, and walk through it.

Suddenly, the old beggar said, “Hi lads, when you run through a cave, grab the stone around you as much as possible!”

The young man was quite surprised, but he still did not pay attention, “ne, basic beggar, want to ask attention to it, the most he would ask for alms.” He thought.

Youth trip was continued until evening came. He should hasten his journey, because he had to pass through a very dark cave.

When it goes into the cave, he remembered an old beggar message. “Ah, why I obey the words of the old beggar !, besides doing I had to carry the stones in the cave, adding to the burden I wrote, perhaps beggars crazy times” he complained. The young man walking while fumbling for his dark cave.

A moment later on to think again, “Maybe there is truth says the old beggar …” he began to wonder with beggars message earlier. Youth and even then picked up a small stone and inserted into a pants pocket.

The long journey had he been through, after passing through the cave, he crossed the valley, mountain pass, until supplies run out ta feel. He was forced to walk, even stomach hunger.

Finally he arrived at the village of the goal, and immediately collapsed asleep under a tree. He was fast asleep. Shortly thereafter, when changing position, he woke up, felt a lump in his pants. “Ah, silly me, I carry everywhere a small rock this useless, obey the words of the mad beggar! Ku waste aja! “He said with exasperation.

When will throw the rock, the rock looks shimmering, reflective. The boy’s eyes immediately widened. “Huh … .., this stone is gold!” Eyes stare at the stone in his hand.

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