Amazing Facts Fart

Never count how many times you pass gas or fart in a day? Farting is an indication that a person is healthy, though .. sounds and smells quite disturbing. Apart from the noise and the smell was pleasant, there are 20 facts you should know fart, written by Brenna Lorenz site Heptune .

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1. Does Everyone farts?

People who are still alive is definitely going to fart. Even the man who had died some time can fart.

2. Total Fart In A Day

A healthy person would fart on average 14 times a day.

3. More Women Rarely Fart?

Recognized or not, men and women fart in equal amounts every day. If a woman looks never fart, it’s because they detained, secretly do or do when alone.

4. Whenever People Will Fart?

Anytime. But it is usually in the morning will appear farted so loud that his voice could be echoed around the house.

5. Originally Gas Fart

gas produced in the coming fart air we swallow, gas derived from the blood to break through to the intestine, as well as chemical reactions of food and stomach bacteria. In addition, eat without chewing, eating in a hurry, soft drinks and a plane in which the air pressure is lower.

6. Composition Farts

There is a lot of fart gas into a composition, among others, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, and so forth. It all depends on what you eat and how much air is ingested when we eat. People who eat in a hurry would generate more fart.

7. Why do farts smell?

The smell of flatus comes from a mixture of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan content. The compounds containing sulfur / sulfur. Bacteria in the stomach can produce sulfur from the food you eat. Some foods that can make fart into the smell is meat, eggs, cauliflower. While the seeds or nuts can make fart sounds loud but not smelly.

8. Eating Nuts, Many Fart

Nuts contain sugars that can not be digested. These sugars are affinose, stachiose, verbascose. If it reaches the intestine, the intestinal bacteria will produce a lot of gas. Fart becomes very much but do not smell. Corn, cabbage and milk can also cause the same thing.

9. Where Fart Sound?

The sound produced from the vibrations at the opening of the anus. Toned least sound depending on the speed the release of gas and meeting the anal sphincter muscles.

10. That fart smell Warmer & No Voice

One source fart is bacteria. Fermentation is carried bacteria and the digestive process produces heat and byproducts is a gas smell. The size of the gas that smells smaller, warm and filled with the metabolism of bacteria. Therefore, do not fart sounds because the amount is small. Fart of this type is often called the ‘silent switch off’.

11. Why Fart Out of Anus?

Because peristalsis in the digestion of food, the food and the rest will be pushed downward and out through the anus. Although mild fart gas, the gas will still move to the bottom where there is a lower pressure around the anus.

12. How Long Fart smelled Others?

Depending on the condition of the air, the wind, the temperature, the molecular weight of gas fart, fart issued distances and others, as well as the size of the area. So no one else could smell the fart as a wide area and airborne and wind. But it could be in a narrow area, elevator, then most likely the easy fart aroma wafted quickly.

13. What People Will Dizziness If Smelling Farts Smell?

The smell fart troublesome, some people can indeed be a headache if to smell bad too much.

14. Fart Dog and Cat More Bau

Animals are also fart. Cats and dogs are meat eaters, such explanations no 7, eating meat will produce a smelly fart. While the plant-eating animals such as elephants, horses, goats, cows tend to fart out loud but not too stinky.

15. Do Farts Equals burp?

Although similar, not the same with burp fart. Belching arises because the pressure in the stomach, its chemical composition is different from the fart.

16. Is Lost If Not Released Farts?

Farts will not disappear because it is absorbed or leaking blood to other organs. Fart gas detained or not removed will move towards the upper intestine. Gas arrested were eventually will come out as well. So fart will not be lost, only delayed for expulsion.

17. What Can Generate Flame Fart?

Farts contain methane, hydrogen and other gases. If burned, the flame will be blue because it contains elements of hydrogen. However, gas will not be able to light a fire or burn something.

18. What Color Fart?

No color, if no color we can easily guess who farted.

19. Do When Cold Temperature, Color Fart White Smoke?

When cold, remove the breath we often like white smoke. The same thing might happen to fart. Some reports from those living in extremely cold regions could see white smoke coming out of somebody farts, but some reported not see anything when someone fart in a cool place.

20. Fart Planet Venus

What happens if we fart on the planet Venus? Planet Venus contains a lot of sulfur, so that also contain sulfur fart will not affect much, it smells almost the same.

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