Apple’s Future Production Of His Own TV Show?

How to Hack Facebook Accounts ,Apple rumored to get serious on video content on its services. In fact, according to the latest report from the Wall Street Journal, the new content it makes Apple can compete with Netflix and Amazon.

Excerpted from Business Insider, the Cupertino-based company that apparently wanted to make the hosts own original video content. His plan, that will present content to customers of Apple’s Music at the end of this year.

The report also mentions the Apple had been talking with a number of reputable producers to discuss the possibilities. Although it is uncertain whether part of this plan, Apple also has bought the TV series ‘ Karaoke ‘ Carpool guided James Corden, in July 2016.

Apple rumored to not really planning to dealing directly with Amazon Prime or Netflix. As it known to both is a big player in video on-demand service with a number of original collection is quite a lot.

Instead of doing so, Apple wanted to make this original video content as a weapon against other music streaming service Spotify, IE. The presence of original video content in the Apple Music predicted would be the added value of the service.

Moreover, the system is applied on the Apple Music different from Spotify. Apple music streaming services that require users to subscribe in advance to be able to access the content, while Spotify brings the type of “freemium” which allows users to utilize the free content.

Therefore, the presence of the original content is expected to encourage more users who subscribe Apple Music. Moreover, with the condition the sales of smartphones which decreased, Apple still need to have other products as an alternative.

Again, Apple should be ‘ Offensive ‘ to Spotify

Apple is called preparing the strategic steps to counter a competitor’s besut music streaming service, Apple Music.

It is known after the company submitting the submission of draft regulations to simplify the rules matter of the Division of royalties with the musicians.

Based on the draft submitted to Apple, later the music streaming service is required to pay royalties 9.1 cents on each songwriter songs played 100 times. This rule is called can replace the current rules were considered too complex.

Although it looks without any intent, some analysts mention Spotify is a target that company really is. Sweden music streaming service it clearly will be forced to pay bigger royalties if the regulation is approved.

As is known, the “freemium” model to enforce, Spotify users. So, the service has two versions–a paid or free–to its users. Paid users certainly got better service, one of them is ad-free service.

This model is called not giving enough royalties to the creators of music. The State is also called can lower the value of the work of the musicians.

“We believe 100 percent, musicians have a right to determine their content available where,” said Eddy Cue, senior vice president of internet software and services of Apple, as quoted from the pages of the New York Times, Monday (18/7/2016).

As information, Apple Music does have a different model than other music streaming services. Since its inception, the service has indeed made as paid music streaming service.

The cold war between two such services are already known from some time ago. Previously, Apple accuses Spotify will not load the latest update application for iOS.

It is known from a letter sent to the power law firms lawyers Apple. Apple’s decision to reject the update clearly detrimental to Spotify and its customers.

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