Apply Smart Tips Baby Led weaning method in Infants

Baby Led term weaning (BLW) may already no stranger to you. And maybe even some mothers have already started planning to apply this method on her baby, but do not yet understand how best to apply it to your baby.

Yes, methods Baby Led weaning or an approach by letting the baby eating baby food denseness alone is the method that the trend and lively discussion at this time.

This method is considered as one of the better approach is to teach children to be able to eat independently since he was early. Through this method the children who are ready given complementary foods will be allowed to pick and chew his own food was taken without any interference of parents in helping the child digest food. However, the role of parents to monitor and control the baby will become much-needed support in this regard.

Baby boy was the age of 6 months it was time introduced to complementary foods other than breast milk provided by his mother (Read: Food Babies 6 Months ). This is because digestion in infants has been made ready to digest other types of food that is more dense. Additionally, ages 6 months to make the baby had been in need of food with greater nutritional content with tastes better. So so, at this age the mother was beginning to give their intake of other nutritious foods.

However, it is not easy to apply this to the child. Especially if you are a new mother is minimal with experience taking care of children. Worrying and Love the size of your toddler may be an obstacle big enough for you to let them feed themselves and chew his own food.

Meanwhile, assuming you are able to feed and serve them well will probably make you feel not bear on them. Well, as consideration let us understand more about what it Baby Led weaning.
Understanding Baby Led weaning

Baby Led term weaning may have a lot of recognizable urban mothers who want their children to be more independent since he was little. Through this method the baby is left to take their own food and enjoy what he chose.

In addition to its own can sample a variety of foods, the baby also has a passion to try healthy foods. The type of food that can be adjusted in applying this method to a child is the kind of food finger food, the food that makes it possible to be achieved by tiny hands.

This method emphasizes that the baby can feed themselves what was to be his choice and explore many things from what he chose. In essence, this method allows the baby to eat solid food for the first time by his own hand.

No pulp, puree or refined foods delivered by bribe-mouthful with a spoon. But a child left to choose their own food was served and chew his own food he put into his mouth.

So if this method is safe and healthy to introduce food to the baby? Experts say yes. A study showed that long-term effects of this method of approach would be perceived by the child when he bernajak great.

Moreover this method is able to direct children on healthy eating habits and decrease obesity toddlers compared to other children who are not given the approach of this method at the time of introducing the food on their parents.

In addition, the children approach provided more flexibility to choose their own food by saying “come on, please eat, boy! And offer infant child to eat by putting the right foods didepanya will make them gain control of pross food.

Well, here are some things that can be done in applying methods Baby Led weaning baby.

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