Awnings, How To Maintain Them And Clean Them Properly

Awnings, How To Maintain Them And Clean Them Properly

For awnings, maintenance is crucial. But how to maintain them and clean them properly? Here’s a quick guide on what you should do and not do in the annual maintenance of the awning.

The awnings are a great resource, but also a major expense to do as part of a house full of furniture. As we saw when we talked about the awnings and the various types, they also act as a “buffer” natural economic because they save energy resources and protect windows and verandas from wear and tear of the sun and wind.

To properly maintain and clean the awnings making them last a long time you have to have, however, the attention paid to their maintenance and regular cleaning. Let’s see how to manage them over time.

Being exposed to various weather conditions, the awning get dirty, and too much. Clean all the time often it proves futile, especially as being made of a waterproof material and do not like the constant rubbing. And do not even like washing machines with steam and aggressive agents.

Awnings also are rolled up or removed when possible, to avoid the impact of extreme weather effects as those of very low winter temperatures, hailstorms or snow.

As their maintenance and wash them then?

The ideal is to give a “refreshed” with mild soap and water, or at least a soap that does not face excessive foam, once a month during the summer, using brush or sponge and warm water, then rinse with plenty of water and let it dry the sun.

Of course, before starting the cleaning, you can collect excess dirt with a vacuum cleaner or air jets, in order to prevent land and water make a “mixture” difficult to remove. It ‘important to wash the awning from the bottom to the top to avoid water streaks that drains.

As regards suitable cleaning chemicals, one must read labels and instructions of each curtain the type of material that has been used and proceed with the washing. Best to avoid bleach and detergent bleach. The soap should be removed completely before the sun to dry. In addition, it is good to use brushes not aggressive and preferably soft, remembering that the hydrophobic materials and those resistant to sun, fire retardant, are to be treated with caution.

In winter, finally, it is recommended that, where possible, remove the awnings and impacchettarle with the appropriate protective sheeting until next summer.

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