Benefits and Benefits of Coriander Leaves for Health

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Coriander leaves are still less pamornya when compared with seeds ketumbarnya. Almost all the good dishes ranging from vegetables, fried foods, and all kinds almost all use coriander. But coriander leaves itself has many benefits for the health of the body and also treat the disease.

When viewed from the shape of this coriander leaves is almost very similar to celery leaves, but there are some parts that distinguish it. One difference is the slightly more rounded cilantro when compared with celery leaves. Also from the content that is in it was also certainly very different.


The content of coriander leaves;

Some vitamins; Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C
Caffeic acid
And many more

And it turns out cilantro has a vitamin content of quite a lot and almost the same is owned by some fruit. So it is not surprising that these leaves are finally made as herbal remedies to cure some diseases. Starting from a mild illness to severe illness. And here’s how to process leaves that are rich in benefits to be used as herbal medicine.

How to make medicine from coriander leaves by boiling;

Take some coriander leaves and stems are still fresh and do not choose which is still wilted or already brownish
Then you wash the leaves to be free from chemical fertilizers or compost
Next you pour 1 to 3 glasses of water into the heating pan
And also enter the leaves you have washed clean
Let stand until the water is completely boiling and leaving only one glass of water
Then strain and just take the water and pour it into a glass
You can give it a mixture like a stone sugar or a little honey muri, for the more delicious you drink it
You can consume it 1 to 3 times a day depending on the disease or its usefulness

Another way you can make it a little differently, and let the coriander leaves a little more raw. And the positive side using the second way or by menyeduhnya is not eliminate the content or nutrients in it.

How to make medicine from coriander leaves by brewing;

Take some fresh coriander leaves to taste for one glass
Then you wash it thoroughly and no more dirt on the leaves
Next you slice into small pieces and put into a glass
Then take the really hot water and put it into a glass that already contains cilantro
Then let stand until the water turns greenish and warmer to drink
You can drink it directly without any mixture of other ingredients, or you can mix with pure honey or using rock sugar

If seen is better by using the second way because by brewing nutrients in the coriander does not evaporate or disappear. And you can also drink it once a day to cure some diseases. And here are all kinds of diseases that can be cured by consuming extract from cilantro.
1. Prevent cancer

Coriander leaves have antibiotic properties and natural antioxidants, and the content in it is able to prevent the onset of cancer cells in the body. So by drinking it regularly it is possible to avoid cancer. Starting from breast cancer to other cancers.
2. As an antibiotic

There is no doubt that coriander leaves do have antibiotic properties naturally. So to consume and make it as a daily drink will kill both bacteria and viruses that exist in our bodies.
3. As an antimicrobial

In addition to antibiotics or antioxidants, coriander leaves also contain essential oils. And its function is as antimicrobial or kill the bacterial cells that live in our body. Because if allowed to cause various infections, such as fungal infections.
4. Nourish the skin

To process the coriander leaves to become herbal medicine not only in the form of drinks alone, but also you can use as a scrub or mask. The only way to pound the leaves until really soft, and give a little water and then you merurkan to all parts of the skin, from the feet to the face.
5. Treating acne

Gynecology such as antioxidants, antibiotics, and also as an anti-fungus is certainly a facial mask made of cilantro can remove acne on the face. The way you live puree leaves and you give a little water then apply to all your face especially on the part of acne. Use at least 3 times a week.

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