Benefits and Benefits of Lemongrass Trunk for Health

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Lemongrass or Lemongrass is a plant that is often used as a spice kitchen. This rod is so distinctive that it is often also used as a natural ingredient for mosquito repellent. This plant is usually grown by the community as a medicinal plant in the yard of the house.

Physically, Serai is similar to grass but has a larger size. The leaves have a rough texture and sharp on the side. When the leaves are torn, the distinctive fragrance will soon be trapped. Serai part commonly used as a spice cook is the trunk. The trunk is white and has a structure that is not too hard.

Benefits and Khaasiat lemongrass

Not only useful as a spice kitchen, it turns out there are various benefits and properties of stem Serai for health. Therefore, many people who consume the stem of this plant in the form of wedang lemongrass or process it first as an essential oil. Some of the benefits and properties of lemongrass stalks that you may not know are as follows:
1. Anti Cancer

The benefits of the first lemongrass is as anti-cancer. This rod contains a citral compound capable of killing damaged cells or cells that develop abnormally. Uniquely, the citral compounds will let healthy cells stay alive without affecting their performance.
2. Overcoming Diabetes

Drinking tea made from lemongrass regularly can normalize the function of the pancreas in producing insulin. Therefore, consuming tea from this stem can lower blood sugar levels.
3. Treating Anemia

Anemia is a disease characterized by a weak, lethargic and pale body. Anemia is usually caused by iron deficiency in the blood, the substance responsible for the synthesis of hemoglobin.

Lemongrass is called a powerful natural ingredient to overcome anemia because it contains a lot of iron. Therefore, consume this stem wedang regularly more potent overcome anemia compared with the consumption of chemical drugs.
4. Overcoming Bacteria and Fungi

Lemongrass stem has antiseptic properties that can kill fungi and bacteria. Almost all fungus jeans can be overcome, especially the fungal cause of skin diseases. How to use it is to pound this stem and use it as a topical medicine.
5. Overcoming Entrance Wind and Abdominal bloating

Tea made from a mixture of lemongrass and brown sugar has warmth properties. Therefore, drinking lemongrass tea can treat colds, bloating and accompanying symptoms. In addition to the trunk can be drunk as wedang, lemongrass leaves can also be extracted into essential oils that can also warm the body.
6. Remove Toxins From The Body

The stems of this plant can also remove toxins from the body. The content in lemongrass is able to neutralize the poison. While antioxidants and antiseptics in it will help the liver and kidneys back clean. The effect that occurs when you use this plant stem as a detoxifying medium is frequent urination. This is because the lemongrass is diuritic. The urine that comes out is a mixture of urine toxins in the body.
7. Lowering Bad Cholesterol

Lemongrass is believed to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) without lowering good cholesterol (HDL). In addition, the existing anti-cholesterol in the lemongrass plant stems will prevent the absorption of cholesterol in the colon so that cholesterol levels in the blood is maintained. The anti-atherosclerosis properties in lemongrass plant stems also inhibit the process of blood plaque formation by fat so that the risk of coronary heart can be minimized.
8. Strengthen the Nervous System

Lemongrass contains magnesium, phosphorus and folate that serves to maintain healthy nerves. If the health of the nerves awake, the body will be easier to do activities, remember something and process information.
9. Treating Skin Diseases

Anti-fungal and antiseptic properties on lemongrass are able to treat skin diseases completely. The trick, take the lemongrass and then rub on the skin covered by mushrooms. It may be a little sore, but this way will clean the skin disease in total without leaving a stain.
10. Lowering Blood Pressure

When processed into tea, lemon grass will produce potassium in large quantities. This potassium will trigger the body to process diurisis, namely the process of reducing blood pressure by removing sodium through the urine.

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12 Benefits And Benefits of Other Serai Trunks

11. Antiseptic

12. Anti-inflammatory

13. Lose weight

14. Smooth digestion

15. Fever

16. Respiratory disorders

17. Whiten teeth

18. Overcoming pain during menstruation

19. Overcoming body odor

20. Treating Gastritis

21. Rheumatism

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