Benefits and Efficacy of Liman Leaves for Health

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Liman leaves are a type of tropical plant originating from America. This type of plant is a shady plant that often grows in the area of ​​gardens, fields, and the edge of the house close to the water source. The name of the liman tread plant in one area with the other can be different. The Madurese planted this plant with tanaak tana. Characteristic of this one plant is the leaves are elongated and not large.

The tread of liman grows by sticking to the ground. In the middle of the leaf will grow a stem that will become a stalk for the flowers of the plant. Tangakainya characteristic that has a number of fine hairs. Liman leaves have good properties for the health of your body because these leaves contain several compounds that are suitable for use as a natural or herbal remedy in overcoming some diseases that interfere with health.

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In order to make no mistake in understanding the benefits and efficacy of taro leaf liman, we provide detailed explanation about some usefulness of this leaf for your health. Here is the information.
1. Diarrhea medicine

Khanat leaves the first liman that is able to be a natural herbal remedy for diarrheal diseases. You can use this leaf to cope with diarrhea by boiling it and drinking boiled water.
2. Bleeding CHAPTER

Efficacy of liman leaf can also be used as a medicine for defecation, especially in cases of diseases that have bleeding CHAPTER. This leaves will work by freezing the bleeding and launching CHAPTER.
3. Anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammation is the efficacy of taro leaf liman to overcome inflammation in the body. Inflammation not only attacks the outside of your body, but also the inside like inflammation of the intestine or throat. Try this leaf as a natural herbal remedy with no side effects.
4. Overcoming anemia

Efficacy of liman leaves can overcome anemis. This leaf contains iron which will help your body to produce more red blood cells, thus preventing anemia.
5. Hepatitis medication

Efficacy of taro leaf liman other that is not less important as a drug that heals the body from hepatitis disease. In addition to cure, this leaf will make prevent the disease coming back.
6. Menstrual pain reliever

Liman leaves are very efficacious in relieving menstrual pain felt by women. Usefulness of this leaf will soothe the muscles under your abdomen that often experience cramps when menstruation comes every month.
7. The medicine for chickenpox

The liman leaves have also been used for years to treat chickenpox. This green leaf will cure chicken pox by making smallpox in your skin dry quickly, so it can get better quickly.
8. Relieves cough

Liman leaves are natural herbal cough remedies. This leaves use the natural compound content that will help melt the phlegm in your throat, so the cough can be cured faster.
9. Whitish medicine in female organs

Problems of female intimate organs one of them is leucorrhoea. This leucorrhoea arises from fungi and other hormone factors. You can try the efficacy of lime leaf to overcome the fungus.
10. Heals wounds

Liman leaves are leaf types that are able to heal skin wounds quickly. This leaves function in blood clots and also dry the wound, so that the wound on your skin can recover and dry quickly.

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