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Hasil gambar untuk kersen

Is there a friend here who does not know cherry fruit? Let us first acquaintance with kersen or can be called with talok. Kersen which in its scientific language is Muntingia Calabura is a kind of tree that has small and petite fruit, with a sweet taste, and has a bright red color. Kersen plants are plants that flourish in Indonesia. So it is not unusual if we often meet him in the streets of the capital, especially in rural areas then we will often meet him.

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In addition to the fruit that has a sweet taste, it turns out the benefits of this amazing cherry plant is derived from the leaves. Leaf shape that lies flat, intermixed, leaves are not symmetrical, circular lanceolate eggs, with a jagged edges of leaves and pointed ends with a length of 4 to 14 centi meters and width 1 to 4 centimeters, has a gray-haired bottom and short-stemmed . Leaf lever that tapered the shape of the thread, lk. 0.5 centi meter, the leaves are a bit long will mongering then fall out, while the other one again rudimeter. Here is a picture of the physical appearance of cherry leaves.

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The benefits of kersen leaf is as follows.

As a Hypertension Drug – The benefits of cherry leaf stew is able to treat hypertension or high blood pressure. Of course, need a routine in drinking this cherry leaf stew. On the other side is also balanced with a healthy lifestyle, so the decoction of kersen leaves can work optimally. (Read also: Benefits of Pare for Hypertension)
As a Diabetes Drug – Kersen leaf decoction can also be used as a diabetes drug. Drinking cherry leaf sticks twice once will help cure diabetes, because the decoction of this leaf is believed to reduce sugar levels diabetics. (Read also: Benefits of Diabetasol)
Killing Bacteria – Kersen leaf decoction turned out to have properties to kill microbes. This is because the content of tannins, flavonoids, and saponins that can kill bacteria. (Read also: Benefits of Honey Ceng)
Protecting the Function of Cardiac Muscles – There is a study that says that the content in cherry leaf stew is good for treating and protecting heart function and possible damage due to toxins that enter the body. So there is no harm in trying the steeping of kersen leaf to protect membrane membrane heart. (Also Read: The Benefits of Handstand Push Up)
As Anti-Inflation – By drinking the brew of chilled leaves can avoid anti-inflammatory or what we call inflammation. (Read also: Benefits of Infused Water for Diet)
As Antiseptic – Kersen leaf decoction is also able to kill microbes or antiseptic. This happens because the cherry leaves contain compounds such as tannins, flavonoids, and saponins. (Read also: Benefits of Clover Honey Honey)
As an Anti Tumor – prevention of tumor disease can be done by drinking cwein leaf. The content of flavonoids in cherry leaves make it has a property to inhibit cancer growth. So that can be an alternative solution for the cure of cancer.

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