Benefits of Water

Water is very much beneficial for the health of our bodies, because it can be dangerous to cure every disease and prevent diseases that we do not want. Our bodies need plenty of fluids for more than 70% of the fluid found in the body.


The fluid can be obtained from the consuming water. Most healthy drinks and no harm is water, and therefore we need water every day to maintain the health of our bodies. The benefits of water that can be directly perceived are able to relieve thirst in the afternoon and evening.

Water is also very refreshing for our body. Benefits of water is not in doubt for the health of the human body.Some are the benefits of water which share role for human survival:

Benefits of Water


1. Increase Energy

When we consume water shortages, especially during exercise, the effects felt are fatigue, muscle and water shortage can not work optimally to cause fatigue.

2. Controlling Calories and Lose Weight

The study found that there is a relationship between consuming water with weight loss. Because of what? Try just drink water before eating, the water will greatly help people feel it is full and the results consume fewer calories will have an impact on your weight loss.

3. Eliminate Dehydration and Haus

The most important and major benefits of water is able to quench thirst, if not drinking water will prevent dehydration or called lack of fluids that can cause the body to become weak. Consuming lots of water will help prevent and eliminate dehydration.

4. Maintain balance in Body Fluids

More than 60% of the human body consists of water, drinking enough water will maintain fluid balance in the body that can help transport nutrients in the body, mwncerna food, regulates body temperature and much more.

5. Make Clear and Smooth Skin

Consuming enough water will help moisturize the skin, soft, smooth, make skin kept fresh and glowing. Toxins are found in the body can cause the skin to become inflamed, leading to clogged pores and will result in the growth of acne. Therefore consume water because it can improve the process of spending toxins through sweat and could eventually make skin brighter and smoother.

6. Help Removing Toxins

How to drink water regularly is an effective way to help remove toxins in the body, because the drinking water eating the body will sweat or urinate regularly. and can reduce the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

7. Increase Productivity

Drink a glass of water because it can help improve focus and refresh body or restore power in order to return to normal operation.

8. Prevent Aging

The white water also can prevent premature aging, because drinking lots of water is able to detoxify the body and can tighten skin, shrink pores and have an impact on premature aging. Therefore the artists Indonesia and even the world always looks youthful because they always consume water regularly and sufficiently.


9. Restore the Mood / Mood boaster

If you are experiencing stress and mood at work, friends, and domestic problems, try drinking a glass of water will help you restore your mood and will be back fresh.

10. Improve Brain Function

Water will improve your concentration and smoothness of the brain nervous system by drinking water at least 2 liters a day.

11. Against Multiple Diseases

Heartburn, canker sores, and sore throat are some diseases that are capable of in the opponent by water.

12. Treating Headaches and Migraine

Drink enough water if you have a headache and migraine. Headaches that occur due to dehydration in the body.

13. Prevent Dangerous Diseases

Water is also useful for preventing dangerous diseases such as stroke and cancer by drinking 2 liters / day.

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