Benefits single garlic

Single garlic or commonly referred to as garlic lanang. Garlic is usually composed of several suing, this single garlic clove consists of only one course. Single garlic itself is often used as a herbal medicine. Single garlic smell is very pungent.

garlic for facial beauty

The content of nutrients in a single garlic:

Essential oil
Vitamin A, B1, dan C
Here are some benefits of single garlic for your health:

Onion known as a deterrent to the arrival of the deadly disease of cancer, especially stomach cancer and colon cancer. The content organosulfida in a single garlic can help the performance of the heart to remove various kinds of toxins in the body, including toxins that cause stomach cancer and colon cancer.

A lot of research that says that people who consume more single garlic is more secure from attack of stomach and colon cancer than those who do not consume a single garlic.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs

The content of a single Allicin in garlic can suppress the amount of total cholesterol in the body. More than 12 studies show that garlic can lower total cholesterol levels by 12% after 4 weeks of consumption. Garlic is a total of lipid-lowering agent which became the cause of high cholesterol in the body.

Keeping Stamina

For people who have less than optimal stamina, various diseases will be more vulnerable to get into their bodies. Single garlic turns out to have efficacy strengthen one’s stamina. With increasing stamina, various diseases can be resisted so that the body does not get sick. It is not the other, because garlic contains compounds that may ward off a variety of viruses and bacteria that cause various diseases.

Improving one’s memory

The content of the various compounds in a single garlic proven to prevent damage to neurons in the brain. Even single garlic extract can stimulate the growth of new neural cells. As a result, memory may be preserved, even be increased.

Hypertension is a source of various diseases such as heart problems and stroke. High blood pressure can be prevented by eating a single garlic. Single garlic extract is proven to lower blood pressure. Garlic contains sulfur which can enable production of the endothelium (the origin of the relaxation).

It triggers smooth muscle relaxation and vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) were followed by relaxing the smooth muscle in the vessel wall, so that high blood pressure can be prevented.

Those are some benefits of garlic for the face and body as well as to the health of the body. And also benefits from a single garlic are rarely informed. Hopefully after reading this article, you often eat garlic to prevent disease – a dangerous disease that comes.

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