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Model Bag Dior gives a touch of classical elegance, luxurious, very synonymous withelegance and style
Meanwhile, the designer John Galliano perfecting the Bag model and it is not easy to bring her famous. Each requires a minimum of eight hours to build with the help of seven craftsmen. Leather sheet 130 prepared for each bag and each sheet has to be sanded, dyed, and hand-sewn, then manually cut and placed around a wooden mold.Even away from the bag is very complicated to designed with 43 fruit of the metalstogether to protect the base from the harshness of the land. One of the more interesting element of this designer handbag is an amalgamation of some of the history of this House design. Mr. Dior fashion show first in 1947 at the time of Napoleon III. The merger with the cannage pattern is channelled through the skin stitched and displayed outside, thus providing a touch of elegance and a very luxurious. tas dior murah is one that is synonymous with elegance and style, the distinctive design of the coat of arms of France. However, this design comes with a very high price reached hundreds of millions of rupiah woowww ngimpi kale for us people of Indonesia🙂. Indeed the original Dior Bag very very high price which is only suitable for some particular people, but do not worry  provides repelika bag dior with a price that matches the size of the purses we people, inexpensive but not cheap, the quality is also guaranteed and also depending on how to take care of the bag so that it is durable and is not quickly broken.
In November 1995, was first Filmed in the Bag during a visit to a children‘s home in Birmingham. Then Lady Diana, holding and carrying her new favorite designer bag.Then the Princess looks carry that bag a few weeks later while on an official visit toArgentina. Two of these major appearance was to be the beginning of the birth of the legendary Bag. Then the House of Dior decided to change the name of the bag in honor of the Princess with the title the Lady Dior. Since that time, became one of the most iconic bags for the House of Dior.

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