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Are you worried about how to dress for a wedding on the beach? One of the most important events in the life of a couple, start on your wedding day. And in the same manner in which they plan to that magical day, guests must also be work on grooming, especially when choosing how to dress for a wedding on the beach.


Go properly dress to an event is a rule of education, should also do it with pleasure, since you have been taken into account to witness this special link.


In this article we will tell you which aspects should take into account to dress you in the best way for the wedding on the beach that you have in the next few days.


A wedding on the beach can be as formal as the bride and groom choose as well, since it is a very special event.


The place where you carry out the matrimonial link does not diminish load moving and full of meaning of that event, jual sepatu converse tinggi so if you decide to do it on the beach you have to dress appropriately for the occasion.


Although usually weddings at the beach allow you to dress in a way a little more casual will give you tips to learn how to dress for a wedding on the beach according to the occasion, whether it‘s day or night, so you can see spectacular.
Texture and Color


dresses of linen gauze Beach


Let’s start with the general rule to wear on the beach, in this case you have to use lightweight fabrics like gauze or linen clothing, since the climate is humid and there is much wind with which you feel most comfortable.


In terms of colors you can use shades of blue, green and sand to contrast with the beautiful scenery of the beach, depending on the formality of the wedding is recommended to use the most striking colors in clothes only if this is coincidence, otherwise it uses attachments of these shades to complement your outfit in discrete and formal as the grey or brown tones.


The subject of accessories is very important because with these you can give an elegant touch to your attire, leather accessories look good but only use them if the ceremony is informal, a necklace of beads and small earrings for women can be used for a more formal event.


For men a clock can be used to look elegant during the ceremony, always keeping in mind that they must be discrete regardless of the level of formality.
Beachwear for women


invitadas-Boda – Beach


You can take both skirt or dress and pants, which are light as silk, gauze or linen fabrics in the case that you use pants, so you feel more comfortable and fresh the whole ceremony to attend a wedding on the beach and look radiant.


If you decide to take the wedding dress think what want to take, can be short or long, but it should be loose and airy to combine with the environment. If you’ll short dress you can use one with the backless or it to attach to the neck so you feel fresh.


Long dresses Greek type combine perfectly with the landscape of beach, so if you decide to wear long dress takes into account this to look lovely.


The colors of your clothes can be pastel colors such as lilac or aquamarina, with these tones very well resaltar√°s with the bluish landscape of the sea. For long dresses you can risk a little more with more serious as the green or blue tones.


The subject of shoes is rather delicate when attending a wedding on the beach, is not very recommended that you carry taco high shoes if the wedding is at the arena because you can not walk very well and you run the risk of tripping over irregular terrain, it is best to reserve this type of shoes to dance in the lounge or dine in the restaurant.


Sandals is the best choice of footwear for this event, leads with accounts that make you look elegant.


As for the accessories that you can take a hat or delicate capelin can be ideal to protect yourself from the Sun. The same goes for sunglasses: can be a perfect ally and a nice accessory that final touch to your wardrobe. It is advisable to not wear too many accessories, rather they should be few or discrete.


For the night we recommend bringing a jacket or coat to cover you because that can give you something cool to sunset. You can use a scarf to cover your cold also, a sarong can cover this function provided that it does not clash with your outfit.
How to get combed and make-up


The theme of the hairstyle is very simple when attending a wedding on the beach, in this case very elaborate hairstyles should not be used or you risk that the wind undo it in the middle of the ceremony.


Ideally, use the hair loose or young, e.g. loose with soft waves and supplement with any accessory such as a headband or a nice finishing touch to keep it in place.


In terms of makeup, it is important that you use one that is resistant to water, with soft colors as much as possible.


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