Decoration Birthday For Children And How To Make Part 3

Kids Birthday Party Idea to Save Budget

Having a baby and always wanted to make her happy is the hope of all parents. Each of us would want to see the children grow well and enjoyed every happiness with them. One important moment and is always eagerly awaited by a child was her birthday.

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Special? Of course, everyone always wants to Kid’s Party Planner jakarta celebrate a child’s birthday party   with a full impression and happiness. The anniversary will be the beautiful moments and memorable for children, it certainly makes us always want to celebrate this special day with a memorable and full of wonderful memories every year.

Special birthday party is not necessarily synonymous with expensive and exorbitant costs, too, because basically the most important thing is the significance of the party itself and not a luxury with all trinkets equipment.

The idea of saving the party under 1 million, for children aged under 10 years, Chocolate Party Scene

Who does not like chocolate? Almost everyone likes sweet snacks is not it? Especially children, they certainly would never turn it down. Making chocolate as a birthday theme choice is the right choice because the kids would really like it and they will be very happy to come to the party.

We can make a chocolate party by preparing everything yourself and it will not be troublesome because all the required materials can be easily obtained at a pastry shop or supermarket.

Buy chocolate mold along with cake and ice cream, and then melt shortly before the party begins.After all the kids to come, invite them into the kitchen to start to be creative with making chocolate shapes that they prefer to use the molds that we’ve provided. Ask them to do the activity in the kitchen with caution and do not fall apart in order to avoid things that are not desirable.

When all the chocolate molds have been filled with melted chocolate, then we can put it in the freezer immediately after a cold. While waiting for the chocolate frozen, then we can encourage children to do the show-piece of cake while singing. No need to wait a long time, after the procession finished piece of cake, then cokelatpun party can begin.


– Chocolate bars: 5 kg x Rp70 thousand = 350 thousand

– Prints cake and ice cream sticks = Rp70 thousand

– The birthday cake: 200 thousand

– Decoration balloons: 50 thousand

– Gifts snack: Rp15 thousand x 22 children = Rp330 thousand

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