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The earliest programming languages were designed in the 1950s and was made solely to solve complex mathematical problems. These languages are a bit confusing for the layman. But it was not a problem elated, because computers are found only in major research institutions. Slow northwest of course, people are aware that computer technology could be useful not only to do the math, but can be useful for other fields.

Then the computer began to be items commonly found in the business environment and the university. With the number of people who use computers, the more people are aware that a complex programming language just will hinder the development of the computer’s own. On May 1, 1964, the inventor of the BASIC language, namely Professor John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire run first BASIC program.
Language BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is a high-level language in the form interpreter, which allows to operate the interactive computer program can be written, executed, modified and executed again without having to go through the compilation stage as in high-level languages more berbentu compiler. This language is specially designed to facilitate the task of learning to program.

In 1975, Paul Allen, a young programmer who worked there Honeywall computer company with his childhood friend Bill Gates William offers a BASIC interpreter for Ed Robert, the owner of the company that manufactures MITS Altair 8800 microcomputer that has 4 KB of RAM. Both of these people when I was in high school had been set up a company by the name of Traf-O-Data, but did not succeed. Ed Robert promised to buy the BASIC interpreter if he can walk on the Altair computer. Paul Allen and Bill Gates to develop a BASIC interpreter without ever directly see the shape of the Altair computer, let alone used it. What they rely on is manual from 8080 microprocessorIntel used in Altair and Altair diagram of the computer itself.

To test this, they run the BASIC interpreter of his on a large computer and eventually recorded the results to the paper tape (paper tape). When Paul Allen will demonstrate its results to Ed Robert, he recalled that has not written a program loader for reading and put the BASIC interpreter in paper tape into the main memory Altair. Paul Allen directly write the loader program in machine language and called the BASIC interpreter of paper tape. After a few minutes, the program managed to get into main memory. Paul Allen realizes that he and Bill Gates have made a lot of mistakes here and there, however, the BASIC interpreter was finally able to run well on the Altair microcomputer and Ed Robert so buy it. For the second time, Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded a company called Microsoft, known until now. This is the embryo of BASIC is famous for.

A few years later came the high level programming language by offering a wide variety of functions in libraries (libraries). However, to create a business application-shaped graph is still an occupation is quite difficult to do. Instead of a graphic application to handle issues print data to the printer alone is enough to make programmers trouble. Not to mention to differentiate between one printer to another, even though both have the same type, yaktu equally dot-matrix, the programmer must first create a program that accommodates all of the printer. That picture of the difficulties experienced by the first generation of programmers. It takes over 20 years to get a DOS-based programming environment that is sufficiently stable.
When the microcomputer displaced by the IBM PC, then this is the time of the commencement of the era of the personal computer (personal computer – PC) with a graphical user interface (Graphical User Interface – GUI).

With the advent of Microsoft Windows, PC users can work in an environment that is rich in graphics and intuitive. With the lead GUI applications much easier to learn and use. This is instead of learning to type and memorize lengthy commands, the user can simply select a menu by clicking the mouse button. The windows on the screen allows users to run more than one program simultaneously (multi-tasking). Dialog boxes appear when a program requires confirmation from the user.

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