Do It This Way So That You Can Not In Facebook-HACK

Social media Facebook is most popular in the world and is still one of a stable communications platform in terms of active users. Can not be denied that Facebook had lots of new features and innovations they’ve always updated, thus making the user’s addiction and didn’t want to leave it.

If used to have a lot of friends on Facebook is the dream of many people, such trends are already expired. Now the trend to delete friends not important becomes commonplace. How to Block Facebook there are many people who are not responsible and wants to steal your personal information on Facebook, still want to have a totally Facebook friends don’t you know?

Various ways they do and most methods were successful only because his victim is dismissive and didn’t want to find out more about the privacy and security of care in keeping the login data. Therefore, passing the following article want to explain about the 5 ways Facebook so that you can not hack.

1. Logged Alerts

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Log Alerts or warning sign in is required additional security features you enable. Facebook will send you a notice of the login details you or someone who is trying to sign in to your account. To activate it, after you sign in to Facebook account select Settings-Security-> > Logged Alerts.

So each of you login in another device or a new browser, you will get a notice from Facebook. If you choose to send a message through the email address, Facebook will send a report to a specified destination address every time there is a new login.

2. Login Approvals

As with any Log Alerts, but the Log entry or agreement Approvals have more extra security measures. This is the best way to secure your account from hacker attacks. Each will login to Facebook, either from a computer, smartphone, or a new browser, you will be prompted to enter a special security code via SMS. How to activate it directly to Settings-Security-> > Logged Approvals.

3. Trusted Contacts

Another attempt to create a Facebook account you are safe is to enable Trusted Contacts or trusted contacts. You can choose up to 5 trusted friends from Facebook friends. Of course it is recommended choose friends who can easily contact you, to help you if there is a problem with your Facebook account. Here’s how to Settings-Security-> > Trusted Contacts.

4. Legacy Contact

Legacy Contact or contacts an heir is a person who you choose to keep your account if made into memories or allegedly died. So contact the heir will be able to write posts for embedded to your profile, such as the last message. Here’s how to Settings-Security-> > Legacy Contact.

5. Block Invitations

When you access a range of services such as third-party Facebook game and more, you need to accept their invitation in order to have access to all your data. To protect your account, it is better you enable Block or block Invitations invitations. Especially the application or game that you’ve not been playing. Here’s how to Settings-> Blocking.

It was only with this simple 5 step Facebook account we have will be assured of its security. If you feel if there was a strange activity happening on the Facebook account, pantaulah every activity and history of your account on a regular basis. For you have any questions or opinions, please pin in the comments field below Yes.

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