Favorite Travel Places in Lombok Part 2

4. Paradise Beach

His name is very reflective of the situation shores. Paradise beach is located in the southern part of East Lombok precisely in Jerowaru. The beach is known for having beautiful natural scenery and the beaches were clean and white sandy beaches.For those who like to surf on the waves, this beach is one of the choices. Besides beach paradise there are still a number of beaches in the southern region is very beautiful, like Heaven on Planet Beach, Coastal Kaliantan, Pine Beach, and Gulf Ekas to appeal marine aquaculture, which is also referred to as the Gili beautiful.


5. Cemara Beach

Pantai Cemara is an interesting beach which is boat from bali to lombok located in East Lombok. This orphanage is located between Paradise Beach and Tanjung Ringgit. Like the other beaches in Lombok, Turkish Fir also have clean white sand. If you want to see the Indian Ocean with its coral reefs directly, you can rent a boat from the beach to cross approximately 10 minutes to the opposite coast of the island. There you will see with your own eyes the beauty of the Indian Ocean blue sea corals are beautifully engraved.

6. Lake Segara Anak

Lombok is famous for its beaches are quiet, peaceful and beautiful.But besides the beach, island of Lombok also has tourist attractions other than beaches, such as Segara Anak Lake . This lake is a lake formed in the caldera of Mount Rinjani with a height of 3775 meters above sea level. The view in this lake is amazing and so beautiful that many tourists foreign and domestic bendatangan and climb Mount Rinjani to witness its beauty.

Segara Anak Lake has an area of 1,100 hectares with a depth of 230 m and a height of 2,010 meters above sea level. In this lake there are also many fish, so many people come to visit not just to witness the natural beauty but also simultaneously fishing. In the middle of this lake, there is a mountain with an altitude of 2376 meters above sea called Mount Baru Jari which means “Mountain of incipient” in Sasak language. The naming may refer to the last eruption around 2004 ago.

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