FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Now available for iOS and Android

Final Fantasy XV – The World of Wonders presents its new video

FINAL FANTASY XV is the most anticipated RPG of the Year and part of the legendary FINAL FANTASY series. In a fascinating world that mixes fantasy and reality, players experience with Crown Prince Noctis and his comrades an epic story of brotherhood, love and despair. Together they fight against the warmongering empire Niflheim and come here the mystery of Noctis fate on the track. Thanks to more engaging characters, spectacular graphics, a huge open world and action-packed real-time battles FINAL FANTASY XV is the ultimate role-playing experience for fans and newcomers.

final fantasy brave exvius

This spin-off Final Fantasy series you will find a new character named Rain, who in the universe FF you have not yet met. Throughout the rest of the game will be familiar – it is built on the principle of classic old-school-JRPG, based on the turn-based battles, towns and areas to explore and a huge number of dialogues.

Previously announced appearance of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on the shelves of western virtual app stores still held. Prior to this, the Japanese hit was seen on the test launch in Sweden on the iOS and Android platforms.

This turn-based classic JRPG has a wide selection of characters, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses, and their customization occurs on the system involved in the Final Fantasy 7. Map of the game world is simply huge, it is full of treasures, cities that have to attend, and quests that need to take place.


Of course, it provided and dungeons and boss fights, and a reward for the victory. The authors promise us regularly updated content and a lot of interesting in-game events, including the well-known on the main Final Fantasy series large-scale battles. To search tips and tricks about FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS follow

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