Floating lodging in Indonesia part2

1. Maratua Paradise Resort, Serasa in Maldives, Derawan Islands is one of paradise East Indonesia, which is precisely located in Berau, East Kalimantan. Travel surabaya malang undeniable beauty of Derawan is a tourist submarine that became the main destination for foreign tourists. To be more exciting vacation, try to stay at Maratua Paradise Resort, floating and very thick marine atmosphere. Out room, living nyemplung for diving and snorkeling. Not the Maldives, in Indonesia, too!

Maratua Paradise Resort, Derawan (image source)


2. Ora Beach Resort, Maluku, We must know and literacy, here. Beautiful beaches in Indonesia not only in Bali or Lombok. Maluku, also had Ora Beach on the island of Seram, Seram District of North. The beach this one is known to have calm water and super clear. Stay at Ora Beach Resort is floating from the window of the room is instantly visible sea super clear, and it looks beautiful variety of coral reefs underneath. Hmm, sure do not want nyemplung, ya?


3. Pulo Love, Gorontalo, Pulo Love’ve ever heard? Yep, this one Eco Resort is located in Gorontalo. Pulo Called Love, because when viewed from above, this inn resembles a heart shape. Well, it seems very fitting for a honeymoon or just get away from work together with a partner. Floating Resort also offers a variety of water attractions, such as diving and snorkeling. No need to go far, directly in front of the room.


4. Dusun Bambu Resort, Lembang, West Java is always calling for the return. In addition to culinary affairs that never fails to tempt, West Java, also known as a tourist destination rich. One is Lembang which offers natural beauty. By staying at Bambu village, Lembang, you will be invited to be closer to nature. In front of the room there is a gorgeous lake, being approximately already green mountains. , segerr really.


5. Alamanda Resort & Spa, Garut, Is not got the rest of the time off for your honeymoon? Well, Kampung Sampireun Resort Spa in Garut this could be the solution. Located not too far from the city, but it offers a beautiful rustic style refreshing. The place is in the middle of the forest make this resort away from the crowds, really suitable for both solitude. Moreover, the rooms are floating, and can use canoes streets in front of the rooms also really romantic, is not it?

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