Furniture Made of Plywood

Several types of leading wood products have been developed by modern technology. The majority are wood sheets, flat sheets of laminated wood products or compressed wood products that are generally stronger, more flexible, and less likely to be damaged than ordinary wood, they expand and contract less than ordinary timber and are available in large sizes that are impossible to grind and Distributed in the natural form of wood jual triplek. They are sometimes available in half sheets or in odd size. All of these products are included in the category of plywood or hardboard.

As a result, plywood is an original wooden sandwich panel, made of a thin amount of thin wood sheets coated with wheat that are rotated in an alternate direction and bonded under pressure, adhesive, and sometimes heat. There are several types available for excellent home craftsmen for furniture construction.

Douglas fir plywood is the cheapest and most common type found. It is available in two types – interior and exterior – depending on the level of glue and bonding veneer.

The inner piles of exterior plywood are all of high quality and bonded together with truly waterproof glue. This type of plywood will last longer and weather – even when boiled with water it will not be decontaminated. Plywood is waterproof interior but not waterproof, so it should not be included in the project for permanent outdoor use.

All types of pine wood (especially the rotary cut type) have a tendency to check when used outdoors. It should not be used outdoors only with stains due to maintenance problems. Examination can be reduced by carefully painting a conventional three-layer paint system. The edges shall be soaked with a heavy primary layer or a mixture of lead and thick oil. Warping may be another problem, but is unlikely to happen if the panels are kept in a dry place and finish identical on both sides.

The thickness of the standard plywood layer is ¼, 3/8, ½, 5/8 and ¾ inches. Some large wooden distributors also carry 1 1/8 inch.

Front and rear panel quality determines the gradation of pine plywood. Letters A, B, C and D show different values. A is the best quality, good B (very good for painting), C has holes and holes, and D is the poorest (often used for interior plywood pedals). Two letters are used in the gradation of a piece of plywood – one for the face and another for the back. Where only one side will perform, economically using A-D, with one good side.

The biggest job when working with plywood is usually cut out large panels. If you are going to cut some panels out of a full-sized piece of plywood, it’s a good idea to pull out a piece of paper and move a trace onto plywood. Always check the size to make sure it is correct, and do not forget to leave the chainsaw chip (wide pieces) between pieces. If you plan on cutting pieces with radial stalks, hand saws or a saw table, mark on a better plywood face and cut with this side facing up. If using a portable power saw, mark and cut the panel from the back side. Plan to reduce the sheets to a workable size with the first cut.

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