Goat meat and Male Sexual Potency

Mutton apparently has its place, especially among men. He said the meat is believed to be a powerful boost male sexual potency.
The anecdote is motivated assumption that goat meat or processed food can increase male arousal is so high that he had to wake her at night.
Somehow the story, goat meat is believed to have aphrodisiac abilities. The clear presumption has long been developing in society. After eating half-cooked lamb skewers made Pak Gito that surround the residential complex or H.Zaenal in satay stall, a man so mighty in front of his wife. More sip again, he said, after eating pizza and drinking alcohol like beer, champagne, whiskey, or wine.
Pak inappropriateness Darno, who are already married ten years, it is often asked his wife to buy up to a dozen lamb satay skewers. Unfortunately, Mrs. Darno not want to open his mouth when asked about the impact that her husband felt after devouring satay. Maybe Pak Darno including one of the “victims” myth mutton as aphrodisiac. Alternatively, the victims’ fingernails bima “, less powerful angry chants. However, who knows he has the empirical evidence about the efficacy of this small ruminant livestock meat.
Sensation, not potential
If observed, physically sliver of goat meat is not much different than the other red meat from sheep, cows, and buffalo. Compared with the lamb chops for instance, both are fine textured. The color of the meat was not too different even mutton is usually more concentrated color.
Nutritional content, such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, is also not much different. “Nutrient composition of all meat (red) or less similar-similar. Differences exist, but not too far away,” explains Dr. Muhilal of Nutrition Research and Development Center, Bogor. Comparison of the saturated fatty acid content of mutton and beef for example, very little difference. Similarly, unsaturated fatty acids.
Striking differences with other livestock meat instead aroma. Meat sheep, cow or buffalo smelled fishy alone, while goat meat is flavorful seared (Javanese say prengus). In addition, the fat is white and hard.
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