Halloween costumes for children: Original and Cheap

Born in English-speaking countries, the Halloween feast was spread by some years in our country although with a number of cultural changes. In Italy, for example, during this special night very few children venturing through the streets of the neighborhood, knocking on doors and asking the big question “trick or treat?”. In the Peninsula appear to prefer house parties, of course, in the name of the dark atmosphere and typical macabre of the anniversary. What we can not do without is certainly the disguise: that is simple or elaborate, sought or made at home, the important thing is that the face of Halloween fright costume.

Halloween costumes up to 3 years

When choosing a kids costume is definitely important to consider the age group. For the little ones you can find on the market disguises banner of tenderness, of course without giving up the inevitable scary touch. Up to three years one of the most popular is definitely the pumpkin costume from thanks to its rounded forms invariably invites the embrace, while its simplicity makes it successful in DIY version. Web ideas abound: just browse the many online photos and obtain a bit ‘of cloth or even a simple T-shirt to create a cute swimsuit dedicated all Orta Gio symbol of the festivities. DeAbyDay – site developed by De Agostini to offer quick and effective solutions to the life of every day – offers a short and clear tutorial on how to make a work cut pumpkin costume in a few steps using a piece of wire and crepe paper. The end result will be an orange bundle everything to scramble.

Equally fast and fun is the costume spider mite: the old padded socks will act as legs and, once connected by wires to the arms of the child, this condoler Anno all simultaneously. Funny and scary at the right point … but above all economic. Let’s see you need and how to achieve it.

What is needed?

  1. long-sleeved black sweatshirt with a hood;
  2. long pants blacks;
  3. two pairs of opaque tights blacks;
  4. newsprint;
  5. needle and thread;
  6. paper and markers.

It must first obtain two pairs of opaque tights for children and blacks, having cut off her bodice, fill the four legs with newspaper, trying to give as much as possible a unified look at what will be the legs of the spider. Once filled, close the socks sewing them and then attach them to the back of the sweatshirt. By connecting the legs to the arms of the child by a strong thread, all the ends will move simultaneously. The effect is guaranteed! The costume can be completed by applying the cap Eye drawn on cardboard and shot the strictly black shoes. The idea lends itself very well as a couple of costumes: a large white dressing gown on which it is drawn a cobweb and taking the child in his arms, even his mother will become an integral part of this scary but very sweet disguise.

Bats, zombies, and witches, strictly DIY

For older children, the choice is really wide. For children around 8 years remain timeless and always loved the classic disguises, directly taken from the imaginary horror. The bat disguise remains an evergreen and in this case, the construction is very simple. Recycling old objects you can create a custom effect: a black umbrella broken will be perfect to achieve real wings, which – because of waterproof fabric – will emit an eerie rustling with every movement. a majestic bat will be possible to realize even if there juggles perfectly with needle and thread or you do not own a sewing machine.

Equally spread the classic witch costume: evil and darkness wrapped in a black cloak, or witty and colorful with striped tights and fluorescent inserts, but by the inevitable pointed hat. In this case, the disguise can be ad-hoc personalized exploiting the makeup. Specialized shops offer numerous sets makeup for Halloween containing everything you need to become a real witch: If eye shadows and brushes are not your strong, online you can find several videos and tutorials to a trick creepy. This will make it very simple even turn into a macabre skeleton or why not, in a hungry zombie. A fixture in the field of make-up, you can not fail to mention the much-loved Clio, whose videos have saved the evenings of millions of girls scattered throughout Italy. Also for the good Halloween makeup artist engages in spot ACC lari tricks, as always explained in detail and clearly.

Rental or purchase? Choose the most suitable solution

Those who prefer to buy a ready-made costumes will find an infinite number of solutions in specialty stores. Especially in big cities like Rome or Milan, it is not difficult to run into fully dedicated to the commercialization activities of disguises for all occasions, which often also offer the possibility to rent the chosen dress. The costume rental is a good solution for those looking for a special outfit for Halloween and prefers to renew their look every year. On the other hand, the purchase allows greater use of disguise: suffice it to think how many of specifically designed costumes for October 31 are in reality very well suited for other occasions such as Carnival, costume parties or the increasingly popular events cosplay. This discussion applies primarily to the disguises inspired by characters from comics and television world. These costumes are usually recommended by manufacturers under 10 years of age and often consist of the dress, wig, and accessories. The most renowned brands, such as the US brand Rubie’s, are in possession of the licenses for the most successful series, which allows the creation of almost perfect replicas of the original clothes. Normally these dresses are also distinguished by the best quality materials.

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