Health Benefits of Eating Bananas Every Day 3

A fruit with a delicious flavor that can be enjoyed in many ways. Presenting it along with whole wheat bread at breakfast, making it the basic ingredient smoothie that , to match with any other fruit, or be eaten without any additional variants.

Not only tasty, bananas also have a good impact on health. Based on the research, if you eat three pieces of banana , it is tantamount to giving 1,500 milligrams of potassium, which is useful to add energy to the body. Learn, immediately you see good reviews below.

Keep your blood pressure stable numbers. Because it contains potassium amounts tend to be high, that’s what can cause your blood pressure is in relatively normal numbers. If the blood pressure is normal, the two diseases such as anemia or high blood pressure was so had minimal opportunity to strike.

Digestion. It turns out that mangoes are not the only fruit that has high fiber content. Bananas also appeared to contain fairly high levels of fiber, which can help in digestion launch. In addition, eating bananas can make you always feel full, so do not overeat.

Help create a better cell for the body. Because of its rich vitamin B6 can help cell production is good for the body, such as insulin and hemoglobin. So, your potential for developing the disease would be reduced for the production of cell metabolism is increasing.

Rich in vitamin C. In addition to vitamin B6, which serves to increase metabolism, bananas also contain vitamin C. Maybe you already know that vitamin C is one of the important aspects of the body that contain antioxidants. It is useful to fight free radicals that want to enter the body.

Improve your mood and makes you more cheerful. Providing about 27 milligrams of potassium into the body that can give a good impact, such as improving mood and make you have a good sleep quality. If until the potassium deficiency, then it is likely to feel excessive anxiety and depression increased.

Friendly price so other factors that allow you to eat a banana every day. Healthy is not just a matter of a routine exercise but also watched various intake consumed. If you know the other benefits of eating three pieces of bananas every day, directly add in the comments wrote.

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