How to Avoid Mosquito Bites

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Since mosquitoes are attracted by sweet and strong odors it is very important to maintain good body hygiene as well as avoid penetrating odors soaps

The first thing to do is to avoid using lotions with sweet odors, it is recommended to use repellents that have among its active ingredients diethyltoluamide, this helps to prevent mosquitoes from getting close to itching.

It should be remembered that in summer seasons these insects spread, especially in coastal areas and also in mountainous areas because they develop much better in humid and warm environments.


In the same way it is recommended not to use perfumed soaps or hair sprays as this might attract them, it is also not advisable to go out into the street between dusk and dawn, try not to be close to the garbage dumps or any container that Can retain or store water, or stay for long periods in the garden, especially after five in the afternoon; You should maintain a very good body hygiene, put mosquito nets on the windows, fumigate the rooms at least twenty minutes before going to sleep, leaving the windows and door closed. If in spite of all these care we receive some bites that scratch a lot and become inflamed, we must consult to receive the appropriate treatment and avoid complications.

It has been known that the bites are made by the female mosquito, because it needs the proteins of our blood to complete the maturation of their eggs and in this way to continue the cycle.

These mosquitoes have a coagulant in their saliva, which they inject in our blood when they bite us, in this way they manage to extract the blood more easily, since this way they avoid the coagulating action of the platelets of our blood closing the wound and stops of Get the blood out The immune system of our body does not recognize this substance that the insect injected us and immediately reacts and attacks, which causes the itching and inflammation.

What steps should we take?

In order to prevent the discomfort and pain caused by mosquito bites it is advisable to use insect repellent, which come in different presentations, such as aerosols, bar and creams; Are applied directly to the skin, especially in areas that are exposed, such as the face, arms and legs. If we use the spray it is good to use it also in the clothes.

A good repellent should be chosen which contains among its active ingredients, diethyltoluamide DEET; This is considered the most effective repellent by the global health organization.

What treatments are there?

The treatments to be followed after receiving some or some mosquito bites will only be soothing to try to improve the pain and itching that these insects can cause. In the treatments its main active element is the ammonia, which acts by modifying the pH neutralizing thus the toxin that the insect introduces us when itching.

We must not forget in any way that we must take extreme measures in our home to avoid the spread of these mosquitoes, avoid having plants or flowers in water, and if we have change this every two days. If we store water for consumption, the container should remain covered, keep the rainwater channels clean, to prevent water from getting in the way.


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