How To Care For A Leather Branded Bags

1. make sure your branded bags are not used entered into the dust bag that came at the time of purchase of the bag.
2. If your branded bags are not used in a long time, we recommend that you occasionally underanginkan.
3. If your branded bags stored in the closet, use products such as moist camphor orsilica gel can be purchased at pharmacies. and put in your branded bags in order not moldy.
4. Please separate branded bags made of leather and plastics/synthetics. the plastic material can absorb the dye on the skin, which causes skin stained bag like mushrooms.
5 Bag branded skin need special care because it is prone to tear and friction. Avoid exposure to sunlight for a long time because it can damage the surface of the skin such as broken or cracked.
6. If the surface of your skin wet branded bags, immediately dry with a soft dry clothtextured.
7. If your skin is moldy branded bags, soft textured fabric with a brush. If there is awhite spot in your bag, wipe with a soft brush. Then wipe with a dry cloth. Use the special SOAP leather (saddle SOAP) or special cleanser cream for the skin.
8. If your branded bag made of synthetic leather, wipe clean with a cloth rubber. Dip it in a solution of vinegar and rub gently.
9. In addition to taking care of the surface of the bag, also note the zippers on the bag. Dirt stuck in the zipper must be cleaned so that the zipper can move smoothly when opening or closing the bag. Use the wax along the zipper so that the zipper is not jammed.
If still not able to stain or dirt from the missing bag branded it, then it can be brought to a special place of the washing bag is indeed a special untuj wash dry bags branded with special techniques and with chemical drugs is indeed in use for the skin and clean the bags.
Many of our tips, may be useful, trima love and see you in the next article.
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