How to Choose Healthy Fruits and Vegetables and Quality

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and various vitamins. You should not be afraid to shop for fruit and vegetables in the market. Provided you know the tips then you can choose and get quality fruits and vegetables, not inferior to those sold in supermarkets.

Okay, How Beautiful Healthy this time will share tricks and tips about which fruits and vegetables are good and healthy. This recipe is taken from the book Made Aswatan, Healthy With Various Fibers. Please be observed carefully.

Tips for choosing the fruit is as follows

1. The fruit is ripe and intact. The ripe fruit has an optimal would be sweet flavor of fresh
2. Fruit has an tlicin porters, sear and no wrinkles
3. Color fresh and solid
4. Smelling fragrant (for certain fruits)
5. Right in season. When he was not really there durian durian season can be expected that durian plastic or fake

How to choose the vegetables Sehar Healthy

Healthy Fresh Vegetables – Well, this time we will learn how to choose a good vegetable. One can select the danger. Instead we get a good and healthy vegetables, it is happening is we can already not qualified.

Here are some tips or tips on choosing healthy vegetable based on the type of vegetables and how to select it. Oh yes, you who do not know about the types of vegetables, please read type and Benefits of Vegetables and Fruits

choosing healthy vegetable

Type Leaf Vegetables

How to choose the first, choose one that is still intact and fresh, brightly colored, not yellowing, and not blurry. You can check that the rod and dau can be broken easily and the bones of the leaves are still clearly visible.

Choosing a Good Fruit Vegetables

To choose a fruit vegetable that is still intact, not broken or bruised, not runny, not soft and does not stink. In addition, choose fruit that is old or ripe for chili and tomatoes, and fruits young for eggplant and pumpkin

vegetables pods

Choose vegetables each plong young, hollow-Ubang or speckled, cylindrical, dark green and the boundary between the seeds and pods clearly visible yet. You can test it to break easily and are not slimy. Choose too old and pithy (solid) for pods taken from biinya

Tuber vegetables

Choose bulbs that are not hollow, not soft or aqueous and tuber skin does not hurt or bruised. For potatoes, choose one that does not notched so pengupasannya easy. For the onion and garlic, choose a dry but not wrinkled. To choose a young carrots with bright orange, with no white coating on the skin surface, the grooves on the tuber has yet to form a smooth akarakar and the base of the bulb feels soft when pressed with a fingernail.

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