How to get the best pictures with the cell phone

1.- What to do when there is little light. If there is a lot of shade, you can take a plate or a white napkin and make the light that is, bounce towards the object to be portrayed, as a mirror. Professional photographers use reflective screens, but for the cell phone can also serve a white shirt.

2.- How to handle the sun. For a good photo, the sun must arrive in front of the face. Backlight only works when you want the object or person to be photographed to look dark.

3.- According to which object photographs. Always evaluate whether to take the vertical or horizontal image. You have to know where to cut the person. The golden rule is that of the planes pleasing to the eye and that they are foreground, general and American.
4.- Granulated pixels and photos. The night photo is almost impossible with the cell phone, comes out with a lot of grain and is pixela. You have to prefer natural light, but there are trends that look for pixelation on purpose. In a concert, for example, if you want to take a photo you have to take advantage of the lights coming from the stage.

5.- Flash. Perfectly can be used by day to fill. This light is thrown to the subject or to the object, is to erase shadows. At night, the photo is horrible. Beyond a meter or a meter and a half away, it has no effect on the image.

6.- Quality details. To capture details of a lettuce, strawberry or a flower, professional cameras have the macro. You must approach the object so that the quality is optimal, that is when the focus is clear. That is seen with the naked eye, for example, when I can clearly read a mark. If the camera has modes such as night, bright, sunny or other, pop them up.

7.- How to be a paparazzi. As they are instant and although they are not good, the photos taken by cell phones are ideal for social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. If you see something that impacts you, take the photo even if it is in motion, never lose the opportunity.

8.- Production. The more dedicated the scene, the more arrangements you have and the greater the production, the better and nicer the picture will be. Ask the person not to move even a millimeter when clicking.

9.- Self-portrait. There are applications that enable the self-timer. If you do not have it, put your arms at 45 degrees relative to your face, lift the cell lightly so you do not see the double chin and take the picture.

10.- Support and cleaning. The lens is very small in some cell phones, it is easy to obstruct with the finger involuntarily. It is best to always use your fingertips to hold the phone. Always keep the lens clean, as dust and particles accumulate.

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