How to maintain good health and True Vagina

The vagina is the organ that is most sensitive and so prone to diseases, especially which is located adjacent to the anus. Because of this, the female sex organs should always be kept clean in a way that is good and proper care.



Here are a few way to maintain good health and True Vagina

1. Clean the vagina after urinating or defecating.

The first water used must be clean and crystal x asli flowing directly from the tap. Research shows that the stored water in the tub / bucket in public toilets containing 70% of the fungus Candida albicans, while the water flowing from the taps only contains approximately 10-20%.  vaginal hygiene is closely related to how. The truth is from the front (vagina) to the back (anus), which is the opposite direction from the anus to the vagina. How one of the latter will only transfer bacteria from the anus in order to enter into the vagina. Once washed, dry Mrs. V with a soft towel from getting wet.

2. Keeping the humidity mrs V

This is a Powerful way to prevent infection is not expected. Ideal for vaginal moisture is around pH 3.8 “4.2. The acidity level will make good bacteria (lactobacillus) can flourish, while the pathogenic bacteria will die so Mirs V protected from infection. To maintain the natural balance of ecosystems vagina, mom is very necessary to always keep the vagina, as well as keeping the vaginal area remain dry.

3. Make checks around the sex organs

This needs to be done so that if an infection may soon be known. Infections in vagina usually marked with a color change in the surrounding area, usually becomes redder and often accompanied by unpleasant odor and itching. If you find signs like that, you should immediately consult a doctor obstetrician-gynecologist and dermatologist and sex.

4. Using a cleaning liquid to taste

Do not overdo using special cleaning fluid woman. Choose a special cleaning fluid which has a pH between 3-4 (can be read on the label). Avoid cleaning products that have a higher pH, because it will make the genital skin wrinkles, and disrupt the ecosystem (turn off the good bacteria).

5. Choose trousers in cotton

Cotton is a fabric that can absorb sweat well. Other ingredients such as nylon is hot, which can cause excessive moisture that encourages the growth of mold and bacterial pathogens. Change your underwear at least 2 times a day, especially for active women.

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