How To Make Wallets Beauty Of Used Packaging Cardboard Milk

In truth, the woman is a creature of god who always want to look perfect. Usually to perform perfectly not only looks alone were considered, but sometimes other things are always not escape the attention of women is the problem of goods or equipment that can reliably support excellence in appearance, as well as shoes, handbags, wallets and goods more. Kardus

How to Make Wallets Beauty of Used Packaging Cardboard Milk

Well, even though this wallet is always kept in the bag and shown only once in a while if you want to spend money, but still, this stuff has always been one of the items that were never ignored by women. Instead, there are of several women who were not willing to spend their money little by buying goods on this one, because these women believe that the goods were gorgeous and also have high prices could boost confidence in appearance.

However, it is actually to get the goods that are used to save money not having to buy at high prices. Actually, if the creative you can also make this wallet from secondhand materials such as cardboard milk or other beverages. Although it sounds simple, but this wallet will not be less beautiful with a wallet that you usually buy at a great price. However, maybe that distinguishes simple purse made with simple ingredients, this also does not have the brand that you can show off. Even so, trust your appearance will remain perfect with a pretty simple wallet.

Now, you are wondering how to make it? If you’re curious you should see immediately the tutorial below. Namu before, you have to prepare the necessary materials and also very important that you know the tips before making these simple wallet.

Tips Or Suggestions To Make Wallets Beauty Of Used Cardboard Milk

Selection Of Cardboard

Well, because on this occasion the main material used is cardboard milk cartons to that, choose good quality. You try to choose a carton with a rather large size, because the size of the carton will determine the size of a wallet that you create.

Select Fabrics Interesting And Beautiful

In this tutorial, we also need a piece of cloth, which is used to coat fabric or cardboard wrap. Well, for a wallet that will be made to look more beautiful, for that, choose fabrics with interesting motifs and you can adjust according to the needs, for example if you choose a fabric with floral motifs or animation if the wallet is made for your sister or child.


Well, in this case creativity is also very necessary. Not only the selection of the right fabric purse made only in order to be beautiful and attractive, but you also need other innovations to make this simple wallet can look more attractive, suppose you add trinkets or other accessories. You can also decorate the wallet is to your taste, for example to add buttons or stones decoration. Or maybe you can add a strap that can be slung purse like bags.

Materials Needed

1 piece of cardboard milk
1 pair of scissors
1 piece ruler
glue to taste
Fabric remnants to taste
Special adhesive wallet
Accessories for decoration such as ornamental stone
Brush or brush
hot glue
Pen or pencil
If you already know the tools and materials necessary now you can directly see the tutorial below.

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