How to Save Toll HP Android

Most HP Android users confused because they feel their pulse becomes wasteful after using Android phone. Most also do not know why they were interrupted pulses. What actually happened and the cause of pulses we are gone when using HP or Android tablet?


We should realize is that without an pulsa murah internet connection expensive and most sophisticated Android gadgets we use, then he is no more than HP or gadget more. We can only use for sms, phone, listening to music, listening to the radio, play games, or watch analog TV broadcasts like most phones china. Yes that’s it.

Excess Android is only felt when we are connected to the Internet, even if it means spending a pulse for internet access become inevitable. The problem, do ya do not at any time we have any money to buy credits. Sometimes, often even, the budget for pulses inferior to the budget for the purchase of gasoline or a meal, pay-room boarding house, and a variety of other purposes that we can not delay.

Then, save pulses for Android we need it to be. Because, basically, it can be done. The basic principle of saving pulse for HP Android it’s just a fact, ie turn off the function and applications that connect to the internet. Hehe…

Because it is a lot of the functions of Android without permission we automatically connect to the Internet. This is what we tried to stop, so that we are saving pulse. So, if you want more frugal, check first Android application which we will install will require internet access in order to work. If yes, yes …., Ready to come up short only.

To answer complaints Android phone users who have never felt the pulse sucked away because the automatic update , the pulse saving tips discussed here could not hurt for you to apply.

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