How to Take Care of Organ Intimate Women To Not muddy

The female sex organ is a symbol of honor for every woman. A woman who has been married and have given birth to a child would want their sex organs back meetings and crystal x asli mat like a virgin. This course aims for harmony between husband and wife remain well preserved.

How to Take Care of Organ Intimate Women To Not muddy

Therefore, it is important for women to treat female sex organs in anticipation that the husband did not turn to other women, and most importantly for the sake of maintaining the health of femininity that does not tarnish. Here are some ways to treat female sex organs so as not to tarnish.

1. megatur healthy diet

Organize a healthy diet by eating fruits and other healthy foods is very influential for health. Healthy skin and a fresh course can be obtained by a healthy diet, and that way suppleness and elasticity of the female sex organs will also be maintained. So keep taking care of your female sex organs for the sake of domestic harmony.

2. Clean the female sex organs

If you are a married woman, then more care for female sex organ by wiping it using traditional ingredients and antiseptic soap. In addition to maintaining the cleanliness and health of femininity , this method also solves the problem of sex organs muddy. Do it every day on a regular basis to obtain maximum results.

3. Drink a traditional herb

Traditional herb is also believed by many to be able to overcome the problem of female sex organs are muddy and making doormats. One tradisionla concoction is a blend of turmeric white sugar apple fruit.

Ingredients: Fruit sugar apple, white turmeric

Directions: Take 1 piece srikaya, separate them with seeds. Add the turmeric and white that have been washed and chopped fine taste. The concoction brewed with a glass of hot water. Let stand for a while and drink the traditional ingredients for 1 week in a row (do not drink every day).

That some how to care for the female sex organ naturally to keep the mat and does not tarnish. May be useful and good luck.

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