How to Treat Waste Plastic

There are at least two ways that this time I will share about processing plastic waste . Did you know? Based on research every year there are 8 million tons of plastic waste flowing into the sea, as quoted from . The research was presented at the annual meeting of the or the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Kara Lavender Law Study participants also commented, “We take tuna and replace them with plastic waste”. The amount of garbage in 2010 alone is estimated at 4.8 to 12.7 million tonnes. The scientists set the amount of the average of 8 million tons. Karton

Indonesia itself has produced 5.4 million tons of plastic waste per year. As quoted from the Chairman “Indonesia Solid Waste Association through 14 percent of the total waste production in Indonesia is plastic waste.

However, China as the country with the largest population in the world ranks first contributor of plastic waste in the world.

Based on the results of the study, as quoted from the official government website (, the pattern of waste management in Indonesia in 2012 in several cities by:
1. Transportation and stockpiling in landfill by 69%
2. Buried 10%
3. Recycled and composted 7%,
4. Burned 5%
5. The rest is managed by 7%

Moreover, as we know, the plastic waste bins hardest described by the ground. In addition, burning of plastic waste is the wrong method for causing white smoke can be harmful to health if inhaled.

Therefore, as an effort to reduce the impact of the amount of plastic waste, it needs a way to process plastic waste. Processing of plastic waste could be the future business prospects. Why ? Trash will always be there and the number is increasing from year to year in line with increasing population. This is certainly an opportunity for business people because of plastic waste materials are abundant. Call it Mohammad Baedowy successful in “Plastic Waste Recycling Business”

Plastic is a polymer compound formed from the polymerization of small hydrocarbon molecules which then formed a long chain with a rigid structure.

Types of Plastics


PETE plastic typesThis is a sign that often exist in plastic products such as mineral water bottles, juice bottles, and almost any other beverage bottles. PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate. This sign is generally triangular in shape with the number 1 in the middle. It is advisable not to use bottle types PETE alias repeatedly only to be disposable.

It is not recommended also using this kind of bottle to keep warm let alone hot water, because the resulting polymer layer bottles melted and consequently karsinogenetik release substances that could have an impact on long-term cancer disease.

HDPE plastic types2. HDPE

Signs are also often exist in HDPE plastic goods such as milk bottles, tupperware, gallons of drinking water etc. HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene. Usually a sign of HDPE by number 2
ditengahnya, in contrast with that given the number 1. PETE bottle type is stronger, harder and more resistant to high temperatures than the type of PET.
3. V/PVC

The most difficult types of plastics recycling. Commonly found in plastic wrappers and bottles. This sign was given the number 3 in the middle. Be careful, the reaction of PVC with foods that are packed with plastic is quite harmful to the kidneys, liver and body weight.

Low Density Polyethylene given the number 4 on the symbol. Examples of using these materials plastic type of chocolate commonly used where the food, plastic packaging and bottles were mushy.
5. PP

This type is commonly used in bottles tranpsparan that are not clear. Polypropylene is stronger and lighter with lower vapor penetration power, stable against temperature tingga and resistance to grease. Logo PP given the number 5 in the middle. Suggested items made from this species only (code 5) to store food and drink packaging.
6. PS

This PS disimboli with number 6. Commonly used as a place of Styrofoam, disposable drinking places etc. Disaranakn to avoid this kind of material because berbahayabagi healthy brain and interfere with the female hormone estrogen (reproductive problems) as well as the nervous system. This caused difficult to recycle.


type of plastic OTHERIt contained the logo reads OTHER numbered 7 in the middle. Commonly found in food and drink bottle sample taken when drinking like sports, auto parts, computers, electronic equipment and so on.

Generally, the process of destruction of garbage have different lengths of time:
1. Styrofoam took 5 months
2. Plastic packaging 50-80 years
3. Plastic bags for 10-12 years
4. The plastic bottles can not be taken into account

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