Is it time to see much more radical versions in Audi?


The launch of the new Audi TT RS and the Audi RS3 sedan seems to have laid the groundwork for closer future Audi and quattro circuits. Despite economic problems and canceled projects because of  the Volkswagen Group, Audi has become increasingly clear that the evolution of the RS acronym has to take a next step towards making more radical variants, lightweight and with a strong focus for use in circuits. But when will we see these new ends Audi?

During the Paris Motor Show Audi has been overturned in the presentation of the new Audi RS3 sedan, a new concept in branding and broadly based on the new configuration and technical views on the new Audi TT RS. Quattro Gmbh, Audi subsidiary responsible for the development and construction of the more radical models of Audi, has on the table important projects, projects that wanted to talk Stephan Reil as head of Audi Sport.

During an interview with Top Gear, Reil wanted to stress the commitment of Audi with the search for new challenges versions and special editions. If Volkswagen has its Volkswagen GTI S Clubsport, Audi Why should it not go to such extremes? As happened with the Audi R8 GT first generation, this approach necessarily involves a thorough overhaul of the sportiest brand models, models like the Audi TT RS which is speculated to receive a Clubsport version equipped with a significant reduction in weight, introduction of technical improvements and optimization of the power train.

The only major problem that are Audi Sport are the deadlines and launch and commitment on investment. On the one hand, the most radical and special versions of models such as the Audi TT and R8 not see the light until the last years of its commercial life, while on the other side we find the reduction and cancellation of projects as a result of scandal souped engines in the Volkswagen Group. The clearest example of this second point we would have to cancel the Volkswagen Golf R400. One way or another, Audi surprised us with more radical versions, but it seems we’ll have to be patient.

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