Kitchen Contains Much More With Prehensile Or Suspended High

Kitchen Contains Much More With Prehensile Or Suspended High


The kitchen space is never enough, and the more time passes, the more the provision of services and cookware develops. Models with large wall units or are assembled in compositions with many wall units make it possible to hold more, and “hide” the view, without giving up the work surface height, as is the case if one chooses the cabinet column.
In addition, it allows to organize a large pantry and practice: the horizontal wall units with convenient flap opening valve that does not hinder movements, let you always have the ingredients on hand when preparing food. Alongside models with doors that hide the content from view, there are also many with open shelves and shelves that allow you to expose objects and books, creating a pleasant continuity with the room.
Axis012 Zampieri Cucine is characterized by the presence of numerous and tall bleached pine roof; foundations have matt lacquered titanium and quartz worktop Titan. The limited depth of the wall units makes the composition of light and refined. A base with lacquered door size L 60 x W 56 x H 83 cm. Price € 366.

Motus Scavolini has a peninsula with integrated snack area in Oak Vintage and bases with double doors without handle with socket formed in the thickness. Large cabinets in matt gray cast iron are framed by the wall system fluid characterized by open compartments and shelves for displaying objects and collections. The doors are equipped with a shutter opening or flap. Price on request.

Aran Cucine kitchen coverage is a revolutionary: the doors of the many cabinets are coupled to magnetic resistant and washable movies that can be modified at will! In the catalog are available as seventy types of coverage to customize your kitchen. The door handles are integrated. Price on request

Orange Snaidero Evolution is a model open to the dining characterized by combinations of delicate colors like blue and white arctic Sweden: large containers hanging from the socket backlog are framed by light aluminum painted library. The horizontal wall units with one door open with a high and allowing you to have the pantry available. Price on request
Hazelnut tree for Tabià Scandola which is characterized by the presence of a peninsula in the pine snow with drawers and compartments. The wall units are numerous large and have doors with windows that reveal the dishes contained; below is a long which allows the display of smaller objects. A basic tree snow with two doors and two drawers size L x W 90 x H 58.6 cm 72.

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