Know the Protein

For children in the age of growth, protein is the main substance used in the formation of body cells so they can develop optimally. Protein also functions in replacing the damaged cells, strengthen the body’s immune, as well as sources of nutrients and calories. Knowing protein will open our eyes to be wiser in choosing the best type of food for the family though not expensive.

Based on the source, the protein is divided into two, namely animal protein and vegetable protein. Animal protein is a complete protein because it contains essential amino acids and non essential essential amino acids. While vegetable protein is an incomplete protein. So if you want to get more benefits, vegetable protein should be combined with animal protein.

Protein adequacy is very important. Because in addition will not grow optimally if the lack of protein, can also cause death. Kwasiorkor is a disease of protein deficiency while marasmus is a term for protein deficiency continuously. It’s a pity if this happens, considering the price of a protein-containing food is affordable.

Know protein, also means to know some types of protein foods. The food is milk, eggs, fish, white meat (chicken meat), red meat (beef). Combining these foods in the daily menu with proper cooking will give you more benefits. For example avoid cooking with frying, for example steamed.

For those of you who want to calmly eat protein foods but do not want to risk with the accompanying fat, choose a fish. Especially salmon, anchovies and tuna. Salmon and tuna fish do contain fat, but are unsaturated fatty acids and contain omega 3. Where omega 3 is useful to maximize the work of the brain and intelligence and prevent senility. Omega 3 also works to prevent heart disease.

Tofu and tempeh as a populist food but has a high protein content, in addition to containing dietary fiber, vitamin B and iron, tempe contains antibiotics and antioxidants. Knowing protein is a must for those who want healthy and quality of life.

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