Millions Benefits of Coconut Useful For Everyday Life 2


Coconut meat contains about 90% of the saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids 105. However containing saturated fatty acids, but coconut oil has a carbon chain being so easily digested by the body.


The medium chain fatty acids is better than the long chain fatty acid because it can be directly digested in the intestines without hydrolysis and enzymatic processes.

  • Coconut Rich Natural Fibers

Although only eat a little coconuts, a person will feel fuller for longer periods of time. This is because the coconut is a fruit that has a high fiber content. In 7.2 grams are sufficient 20 percent of daily fiber needs of man. The benefits of fiber from coconuts is to help the digestive process and become a good diet to lose weight.

  • Young coconut meat for the production of red blood cells

Sometimes a person chooses to consume the meat of the coconut when compared to the old. Texture soft and chewy on the young coconut is the main attraction when consuming coconut. Sure, young coconut meat better suited for consumption directly after drinking coconut water while coconut old meat suitably used for food ingredients or coconut milk.Benefits of young coconut meat is also not much different from the benefits of coconut water. The coconut meat known to contain sodium, potassium, fiber and vitamin B which is good enough for the production of red blood cells.

  • Rich Vitamin B

As well as the benefits of coconut water, coconut meat also has a lot of minerals and vitamin B. Benefits of young coconuts is very special because the content of vitamin B was instrumental in the formation of energy and the production of red blood cells.

  • Low Calorie Fruit

If you want to diet and avoid cholesterol, you will find a use coconuts there. If we compare with bananas alone, need 4 bananas to equal the content of potassium contained in one cup of coconut meat.

  • Coconut meat to herbs

Coconut meat can be used as an ingredient, as as coconut milk, coconut milk is used as a cooking berkuah pelemak.


  • Benefits of Coconut Husk

Leather palm or coconut fiber can not be thrown away, putting it into the drum and then the water content, sealed and allowed to turn into a black color (within +/- 15 days). Coir soaking water can be used as liquid organic fertilizer because it contains KCL (Potassium Chloride). If the water in the drum is up, can be added again to the water does not change color.

Coconut coir is also often used as a craft, upholstery, pillows, sleeping mats, ropes and industrial materials carpet. In addition, coconut fiber also can be used as a growing medium organic coco powder form that has been finely ground (cocopeat).

  • Benefits of Coconut Shell Shell or

In the shell or coconut shell, often used when an old coconut marked with brown color. In antiquity coconut shells often used for ladle and the now widely used for handicrafts and charcoal.

For the more serious, coconut shells are also often produced to serve as a filter cigarette flavors and processed in the form of charcoal ready to use beneficial for deodorizing, absorbing harmful gases, heavy metals removal and purify CO2 results from fermentation.

And that’s some of the millions of coconut trees benefits that we can use, ranging from trees, leaves, fruit until the skin is helpful for us humans. A few info about we collected from various sources.

Thanks hopefully useful.

Compiled from various sources.

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