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What is the floor dry joint

To put in the work correctly the floor, the art rule defines very precise stages, including one that has the task of making a piece of paving the screed or the substrate by the use of cement mortar or glue.

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module-floor-1Regardless of the selected materials (tiles, terracotta, wood, marble) and regardless of destination (internal, external environment, floor, driveway surface), the laying always follow the same criteria.

In addition to the floor with mortar and adhesives are also those with dry laying, certainly faster and easier to install.

The floor dry-fog is a real revolution in the field of coatings. Only a few millimeters thick to have a beautiful and durable floor, no leaks and easy to install in place.
The dry-joint to the floor like a floating floor with interlocking, giving male and female joints and do not need glue or the like.

Modular interlocking flooring types

The company Tarkett, with LVT collection has created the modular interlocking flooring Starfloor click. A unique type of its kind, perfect for coating the interior.

It is a vinyl flooring extremely durable wood effect wear and scratches.
The coating guess Construction dell’Incastro, often used for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, as this orientation systems are not afraid of moisture.
In fact, the modular plates tend to remain loyal to each other, precisely because it stuck, without suffering a deviation from the usually due to support the expansion of the alloying elements such as cement mortar and the like.
These features combined with acoustic comfort and easy cleaning and maintenance, making it an important innovation in the flooring, especially in the event of restructuring.

Its installation such as click joint is not dirty and does not require a drying times.

module-floor-2To ensure the best air quality inside buildings is the product made to present the VOC emissions 100 times lower than the strictest European regulations.

This type of floor makes it possible to adjust each internal space, which combines a wide range of boards and sheets by combining simplicity and creativity.

The latter are available in boxes easy to carry and has an adhesive backing that allows a simple and intuitive pose.
Each floor is designed so that there is a minimal material waste is intended to be discarded as it is not used.

Another company specializing in the production of flooring, which has pioneered the modular interlocking flooring system is PERGO® with its innovative, flexible system PerfectFold ™ 3.0, making it faster and easier to put a plastic mat.

module-floor-3Installer in both domestic and public environments, it is vinyl flooring manufactured by the company is also equipped with a protective coating, which prevents further treatment after installation.

module-floor-4This means that right after installation, you can start walking on the floor.

Installation is very simple, simply fit together the panels together depending on the type and extent of the floor without the risk of damaging them.

A plus value of interlocking modular floor covering removal and installation of the parts, which simplifies maintenance, such as replacing discs, where necessary, and the relocation of the floor in another room.

The material of which the plates are made is very versatile; In fact, if you need to adjust the size of a table just cut to the desired length using a common knife.

module-floor-6Possible interlocking flooring module

The most frequent joints which can be found in the floor of this type is:

– Interlocking above; which is the ideal method for quick installation of a large area.
It engages with the long side of the table, sliding it up to meet the board previously installed and then you will have to push down firmly to snap the short side.

– Interlocking corners; generally used for the laying of the first row of floorboards. The operation of the interlock will be first on the short side and only later on the long side.

– Interlocking horizontal; this technology is a unique company PERGO® function than many other brands. This option is very convenient for places where it is difficult or impossible to tilt the boards during the laying of the first row, or frames for doors and radiators.


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