Most Popular Old Town Tours In Indonesia

1. Old Town, Yogyakarta, All would agree that Yogyakarta is the city really thick with history and tradition that makes them long variety. When to Malioboro, do not forget to visit the old city, Yogyakarta. Among them, there is an old building so the private bank offices, located in the zero km, not far from Malioboro. Try to come during the afternoon and evening nikmatin that make old buildings are becoming much more beautiful than usual.

BNI in the Old City, Yogyakarta

2. Old Town, Medan, In the west of Indonesia, Medan precisely, it also has many old buildings are beautiful and awesome. One is building London Sumatra. Travel malang surabaya this building was built in 1906 and was given its name because it resembles the Dutch building, but located in Sumatra. London Sumatra became the first building that has a 5-story elevator at the time. Until now, this building became and its name to PT PP London Sumatra. Beautiful, right?

3. Old Town Tegal, Tegal including a very old city. In a way, he was already about four centuries. Well, it is definitely in this city saved a lot of old buildings that could be used as scenery in the present. Who became an icon of the city is the water tower from the old building. In addition to the water tower, Tegal has many old buildings that still functioned until now. One is a military base in the picture.

4. Old Town Solo, Central Java is indeed no less-the lack of charm that attracts tourists to visit. In addition to Yogyakarta and Semarang, there is also Solo, a small town also has its own charm. In this city there are many old buildings that could become tourist eye and cool hunting. Well-known and much discussed is Omah Lowo. In addition, palaces, also the castle in this city is still very charming.

5. Old Town Salatiga, Salatiga is a city that is between Semarang and Solo. Unlike hot Semarang, Salatiga tend to cool because adjacent to Mount Merbabu. Salatiga including cities laden history, and save a lot of heritage in the form of old buildings. In fact, some of the old buildings are still functioned until now become a tourist spot, or office. One is an old church in the picture. The church is still standing tall with a thick Dutch-style architecture.

Now, have a look right some of the old city in Indonesia? Hunting photo album Instagram cool to meet not need expensive, really. How, the old town where ya never visited?

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