New MacBook Pro, production already in vivo?


You talk of the new MacBook Pro , the refurbished laptop that Apple may introduce later this year, perhaps in November. Following news about possible delays launch, emerged yesterday, now comes an important new rumor: that related to the production . According to an analysis by IHS Market Technology , reported by iTechPost, productive districts Cupertino partners are already in full swing. Sign of a truly imminent presentation?

It has long been talk of introducing a revamped line of MacBook Pro , regarded as the Californian group does not submit him from his professional laptop to a substantial refresh. He then talked about an even slimmer design, complete with a bar on the edge of the OLED keyboard, fully customizable and touchscreen. During the summer we have assumed a launch in the month of October, but yesterday it was revealed a postponement to the following November , considered by Apple has not yet reached any details about any presentation events. Meanwhile, news coming from Asian manufacturing districts.

As reported by Rhonda Alexander , an analyst at IHS Technology Market in the East it would have begun in earnest the production of new laptops targati bitten apple. Not only of the much anticipated MacBook Pro, 13.3 and 15.4 inches, but also of a MacBook Air fully renovated , still 13.3 inches. The latter may inherit much of the ultralight MacBook features launched in 2015, including the total exclusion of fans for cooling.

According to reports, the preliminary production would begin in the second calendar quarter of 2016, then in midsummer. This rumor, if it were true, could provide important predictions about the types of processors used by Apple. Quite remote, in fact, seems to be the ability of these models incorporate already processors Intel Kaby Lake , because products in the summer, while previous Skylake seem to be the most quoted for the refresh.

Meanwhile Daniel Matte, an analyst at Canalys, explains how Apple might instead choosing the ‘ Polaris architecture from AMD for the graphics of the new laptop, a choice that could guarantee great versatility even with a reduced energy footprint. Just have to wait, therefore, the announcement by the parties of Cupertino.

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