Package 3 days in Malang

Had a 3 day holiday time? You can download the tour package 3 days in Malang . Package 3 days in Malang travel is a travel package that is very fitting for those of you who want to enjoy the attractions in Malang.

Package 3 days in Malang travel you can visit attractions such as Jatim Park 2, Mount Bromo, Museum of Transport, Tourism Picking Apples and Coban Rondo Waterfall travel. You do not get confused, bewildered tourist draw up a schedule of activities, and submit it to us Ongis Tour providers Malang reliable travel packages.

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Here is an alternative activity travel for 3 days in Malang. Travel juanda malang

The first day.

We pick you up at the Airport / Station Malang or Surabaya approximately 08.00. Then breakfast and visit the first destination that Jatim Park 2. In Jatim Park 2, you can spend a whole day. Because the vehicle contained in it very much at all.

Satisfied enjoy all the rides in Jatim Park 2, then you are invited to dinner first and then a trip to the hotel to check in hotel. Tour the first day is done, you can rest in the hotel prepared to go to Bromo 00:30 hours.

The second day.

Promptly at 0:30 we pick you up at the hotel for travel departing Bromo. The trip to Bromo from hotel in Malang approximate 2-3 hours drive. All the equipment for to go up the mountain you should prepare. After arriving at Mount Bromo. You and the group will shift gears jeep 4 × 4 vehicles for their tour Bromo.

Destinations visited on the tour include Sunrise Bromo in Penanjakan / KINGKONG Hill, Crater Bromo / Temple, sand hill whisper and Teletubbies. Bromo Tour finishes around the clock 09:00 to 9:30, then drive back to Malang.

Prior to the hotel, first lunch at local restaurant. Then enter the hotel, rest. We have given me a break about 2-3 hours, because after that you will visit tourist destinations again namely to the Museum of Transport. We went to the Transport Museum about 16:00 from the hotel, arrived at around 17:00 Transports Museum.

These hours are prime time at the Museum of Transport. We give you about 2 hours to enjoy all the rides at the Museum of Transport. Completion of the Museum of Transport, we invite you to dinner first, then visiting Batu Night Spectacular travel.

Batu Night Spectacular or abbreviated BNS, is a night tour in rock that contains rides, garden lanterns and a fountain show. We give you about 2-3 hours at BNS. Satisfied enjoy all the rides at BNS, then we will take you to the hotel and rest.

The third day.

The last day of tourist destinations to visit next is still picking apples and central souvenirs. Before visiting the apple picking tour, we will take you to the center of souvenirs Malang and Batu. You can shop as much at the center of souvenirs for the family at home.

After that you will we transfer to the final travel destination travel is picking apples. You can pick apples straight from the tree. You can directly eat free on-site as much as possible. But if you want to take home for a souvenir, one of her cherished 20-25 kg rb. Satisfied enjoy apple picking tour, then we will take you to the airport / station. Travel packages 3 days in Malang completed.

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