Pine Forest Fun Selfie in Banyuwangi, It’s location

Event Organizer Jakarta ,There is one other tourist attractions that are hits in the district of Banyuwangi , East Java, pine forest which is located under the foot of Mount roar Sumberbuluh precisely in the Village, District Songgon.

Not only suitable for refreshing as cool and fresh air, in travel pine forest there are also some beautiful spots for selfies like a tree house, a row of red umbrella beautiful and colorful lanterns.
In the place visitors can also do outdoor activities such as horseback riding, biking, jeep safari, outbound, pine forests and camping.

Pine Forest Fun Selfie in Banyuwangi, It's location

If you just want to relax, can also hold the mat in between rows of pine trees or on wooden benches offered by the management while enjoying some food brought from home and accompanied with a cup of coffee and hot tea.
Visitors can also walk down to the river and watch the fun activity of rafting pass Kali Badeng that flows quite challenging.

Travel business Songgon pine forest, Joseph Sugiono kepadaKompasTravel, Sunday (4/12/2016) said the area of pine forests covering an area of 97 hectares, but developed as a tourist spot only seven hectares.
“Every day that made the average visitor who comes around 200 to 300 people but if sata holiday season or weekend can be up to a thousand people,” he said.

Pine Forest Songgon itself is located approximately 30 kilometers from the city of Banyuwangi and previously only expanse of pine forest which sap is taken regularly.

When pine trees were small, local residents can still do intercropping are like planting chillies, ginger and corn.
But after the higher pine trees people can no longer grow crops so came the idea to utilize as tourist attractions.
“We used to take the sap and also intercropping but when it can no longer be planted no idea to be a tourist spot ya look like now,” said Komarudin, Chairman of the Institute of Forest Village Community Rimba Ayu involved in the management of tourist attractions.

Involved in the management of these places, according to the appendices, only LMDH members are local residents, who number as many as 350 people.
They also sell food and drinks, a tour guide to a parking attendant. “Here we are not only used to search for our economy but also maintain its sustainability,” he said.

Interested in visiting the pine forests of this? Make sure the contents of your camera battery is full because if visit here will not want to stop for air-selfie.

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