Plywood at home

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but when it comes to the roof we believe that the emergence of wooden houses or modified side houses are repaired with several roofs. Wider surfaces not only give the look and feel of the log cabin, they offer protection jual blockboard from the UV rays that are dangerous that can break chemical bonds in the protective layer you have been tekuni.

When talking to customers about installing modulogs on the side, the question of how to finish off the underhang roof and the soffit ceiling usually appears. Now that they have made a commitment to making cedar and homeowners removed from the project, some people tend to over-react and plan to use wood fitting in this soffit area. Although we will be happy with the larger siding order, the siding log here does not seem to be right. We enraged their enthusiasm with suggestions that not only look better but are much cheaper.

Of course, if you have a short roof, like under one foot, you can choose to leave the underside of the open rafter unloaded because there are not many open areas to look at and facia will give a good clean look.

For wider roofs, tongue and groove 1 x 4s or 1x 6s are often used but the above work is difficult and time consuming – not to mention the cost of finished wood.

Our recommendation: The easiest and cheapest way to trim the bottom of your roof and the porch ceiling, is to use a 3/8 “or1 / 2” plywood board. Typically called T-111, this panel has textured exterior sides or “sawn” and is made with or without vertical grooving. Use ungrooved material and cut the panel to fit: plug with the rough side. Make sure and stain before installing. A small air stapler will speed up the work even more.

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