Recommendation 14 Points of Interest in Malang Part 4

10. Brawijaya Museum

Brawijaya Museum is located at Jalan Ijen Malang is Malang Places in the warehouse contains historical objects in Malang when it is in the grip of the Netherlands, all things that become memories stored in this museum. especially when considering the events on 10 November 1945, when it was vibrating the atmosphere of Indonesian people’s struggle. Then in it there headpiece, paket wisata malang official cars, and weapons of war, and goods that are used for other war. but that became an icon in this museum is a death wagon that was once used to transport 100 people from Bondowoso to Surabaya to fight, but when he arrived at the location of the soldiers have been killed since energy has run out. Travel up to be this historically Malang.

11. Batu Night Square

There Batu Night Spectacular or so-called BNS. Places is a form of recreation that is lively at night. The park is there really cool, there is a flying bike, which is very romantic lanterns at night, trampoline, and many others more. Not only the beauty of it, you can stop shopping also in the night market along the way BNS, even if it is already getting hungry could buy food at the food court. Admission ticket for 25,000 Rupiah active day, and for days off 10,000-15,000 rupiah, but it all really depends rides that you’ll enjoy.

12. Toko Oen Dari Sejak Tahun 1930

There is a shop which is Malang Places in a very historically because it has been established from 1930, in which time was still being intensively colonial power. Even in the range of between 30-40an was a time of worldwide economic crisis, one of Indonesia that is still governed the Netherlands. but this ice cream shop, called Toko Oen has established that year and still survive sturdy with distinctive buildings that still without leaving the nuances of Dutch at the time. when asked how much the price of the ice cream, the cost is 20,000 rupiah, quite relative, right?

13. Mask Museum

Places of Interest in Malang hereinafter called the Mask Museum, located near the Transport Museum, Stone. The museum opened in 2014 and then, in there is a mask with a wide background of his native region, such as NTB, Papua, Kalimantan, East Java, and Sulawesi. In it do not forget to save a lot of historical objects when the kingdom of Majapahit. The influx is not expensive, only 25,000 rupees.

14. Coban Rondo

There are equally interesting, Places in Malaysia with the admission of 5,000 rupiah, the Coban Rondo waterfall cool place and cool. Here indeed was a cave according to a story about a place lovemaking with his wife Raden Baron Kusuma Dewi Anjarwati, but the die so that Raden Dewi become a widow, it was then called Coban Rondo (Widow). The layout of this Coban in Pujon, adjacent to Batu. Interesting to visit because it is always crowded by local tourists to berkegiatan school or even to just be together and enjoy the waterfalls Nature tourism Malang.

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